YouTube has been hard at work responding to concerns about the management of its platform. Some of the emphasis has been placed on the popular Trending feed. Through their ever-accessible CEO Susan Wojcicki, the company reassured its stakeholders with an update of their 2019 priorities. The stakeholders include YouTube creators, advertisers and artists. She outlined the tireless work occurring behind the scenes to make the video sharing platform a community that content creators, fans and advertisers alike can all benefit from.

The company has positioned itself to:

Taking A Hard Line Approach To Inappropriate Content

In their quest to maintain a healthy balance between an open platform that gives YouTube creators the opportunity to express themselves freely while also ensuring that community guidelines are upheld, YouTube has had to make some tough decisions. This includes:

  • Implementing new measures to keep minors safe by disabling comments for videos with children. The decision aims to protect young minors who may be a risk of predatory comments.
  • Breaking normal operating procedures to stem violent content from proliferating. In the wake of deadly attacks in Christchurch, YouTube took swift, resolute action in removing all contentious material from its platform.

In both cases, YouTube acknowledges that such decisions can affect innocent people. Those blameless young content creators who rely on comments for increased engagement. The faultless users and news outlets whose unblemished videos get caught up in the removals (until appealed and verified). With some successful YouTubers leveraging the platform for their livelihood, it can be especially frustrating. The company remains steadfast in their actions however, as they have a duty and responsibility to the general public first to uphold moral principles.

2 YouTube creators shooting a video

The First Ever Digital Safety Alliance

The community guidelines YouTube are looking to abide by was boosted by the formation of a new alliance that represents all of the different sides of the media industry.

At the 2019 Cannes Lions Festival, a host of world-leading brands announced that they would be launching the first ever digital safety alliance, alongside tech giants, such as Google, Facebook and  Twitter.  Brands that are a part of the new project include Unilever, Adidas, Mars,  Bayer, BP, Danone, Diageo, General Mills, GSK Consumer Healthcare, LVMH, Mars, Mondelēz International, NBCUniversal, Nestlé and Shell. Media agencies involved include Dentsu, GroupM, IPG, Publicis and Omnicom Media Group.

The goal of the new alliance is to address misleading and harmful content to improve the user experience on these platforms. Marketing Week first broke the story here.

Support for the Success of YouTube Creators

YouTube has taken steps to address concerns surrounding ambiguous community guidelines. Creators and artists have vented some frustration regarding:

  • The need for more creator representation in Trending.
  • Copyright claims based on minor technicalities.
  • Virtual harassment from other content creators.

YouTube has responded by:

  • Establishing a system that ensures at least half the Trending content is from YouTubers.
  • Clarifying current policies enabling creators to produce content with peace of mind.
  • Monitoring harassment more closely and strengthening current policies to dissuade offenders.

Video Session at the Lake - YouTube creators

Establish Better Lines Of Communication and Engagement

YouTube is making it clear that they will continue to listen to the feedback of YouTube creators and artists. They are making a concerted effort to establish more open lines of communication and engagement through social media, video session and well as face-to-face meetings. Likewise, creators have been given the YouTube Studio Beta, a hub specifically for creators. It includes many fresh features that provide creators with in-depth insights while keeping them connected with the latest updates.

By addressing their primary stakeholders in this way, YouTube reinforces genuine gratitude and appreciation for their endeavours. The collaborative approach is an effective way to build better communities across the service and make the platform stronger for all of its users.


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