Although Love Island has received a lot of flack in recent times, Love Island once again broke viewing records with 3.3M people watching this year’s launch.

A few days ago, BOF (Business of Fashion) contacted our Managing Director, Rohan Midha to discuss Love Island. They asked for his opinion on whether or not Love Island’s new sponsor ‘I Saw It First’ would be as successful as their predecessor, Misguided.

Despite Rohan being the Managing Director of a leading Influencer Marketing Agency, he admitted that on rare occasions “television advertising can sometimes act as a powerful method of advertising in 2019, especially when combined with influencer marketing.”

Last year this was evident when Love Island partnered with Misguided, and we see the Social Media/TV collaboration between Love Island and ‘I Saw It First’ doing wonders for their brand also.

Love island partner with I Saw It First

5 Benefits ‘I Saw It First’ Will See From Their Love Island Sponsorship

  1. The exposure ‘I Saw It First’ is receiving has already exceeded the record-breaking numbers Love Island achieved last year.
  2. As Rohan told BOF, Love Island heavily dominates conversations between circles of friends at most offices and Universities in the UK. He added “I expect ‘I Saw It First’ to become a major part of many of these conversations, and even when they’re not, they’ll be heavily associated with the show, leading them to become one of the first fashion retailers that come to mind when consumers are browsing Instagram for new clothes.”
  3. When consumers see their favourite Love Island contestants wearing ‘I Saw It First’ clothing on Instagram, they will unconsciously be more inclined to purchase.
  4. Rohan also mentioned that “Having spoken to many of the target audience, I’ve discovered that if consumers really like the look of a product, many are willing to purchase the products worn by celebrities or influencers (even if they don’t particularly like the influencer wearing the product)”
  5. Some have suggested repeated exposure makes ads less impactful. We disagree, however. Brands such as boohoo have catapulted their financial growth through a heavy awareness-based influencer strategy consisting of similar messaging from hundreds of influencers across the globe. Audiences are seeing their favourite influencers constantly in boohoo clothing, and this has really empowered them to be a major player in the fashion industry.

The Overall Strategy is so Important to their Success

Rohan went on to say that their success lies in the brand’s overall strategy and how it is carried out by their team… “Now, I don’t feel ‘I Saw It First’ will be as successful as Misguided last year because they are not as established as Misguided were at the time. On the other hand, I feel that if their television advertising messaging, and overall influencer strategy coexists in a strong targeted and creative manner that appeals to their target audience, they will see a tremendous burst in growth.”

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