UK YouTube Star KSI took a long break!

With so many rumours flying around the Internet recently about the disappearance of KSI (real name Olajide William Olatunji) and with him not posting onto any of his social media channels for months, people were starting to wonder whether they would ever hear from the YouTube star again. The internet sensation has taken influencer marketing to a new level, despite receiving a lot of criticism for old videos.

His last tweet was on March 6th when he simply wrote “Gone”. Before this, he had deleted most of his tweets and most of his pictures from Instagram. Most shockingly, he also deleted over 600 videos removing over 2 billion views from his channel.

This proved a lot of people wrong who thought that KSI was just creating YouTube videos for the money and the luxurious lifestyle. As he would have continued to receive money from people watching those videos, this was a big statement!

He did appear on Drama Alert on the 23rd February to set the record straight that he was not quitting for good. But he said he was not happy with the type of videos he had produced in the past and wanted people to get to know the real person behind the videos.


Is YouTube Star KSI Back??

Finally, on the 6th May, he reappeared!


A post shared by KSI (@ksi) on

He captioned the photo “Growth”.

What this means, no one really seems to know. His brother, YouTuber Comedy Shorts Gamer, has hinted in some of his recent videos that he’s been away on a mission to transform into a better human being. Maybe the caption is a reference to him growing as a person. In this picture, he looks to be the world away from producing the FIFA and prank videos he became so famous for.


KSI returned (on the football pitch)

Aside from his famous videos, you can see how KSI played in a recent football game for charity with the Sidemen here.


Will we see KSI creating content that had millions of fans around the world crying with laughter? Time will tell. Will the new KSI create content that is just as funny to his millions of subscribers? Again, time will tell.


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