High Exposure Campaign (Vodafone Case Study)

Vodafone Case Study: PMYB helped Vodafone launch their new telecommunications network, VOXI

Vodafone’s New VOXI Network

If you haven’t heard of VOXI yet. It’s a new network that Vodafone introduced to the UK market utilising high profile celebrities, including Anthony Joshua, Dua Lipa and Liam Payne, alongside a number of popular YouTube Influencers and more. What’s different about VOXI is that they offer unlimited data usage for the most popular social media platforms.


Campaign Objective for PMYB

The main objective of our role in the campaign was to raise the overall awareness of the VOXI launch among 16-25 year olds. To do so, PMYB identified and managed high profile influencers from the UK and amplified the content while using our famous Social Amplification Software.

anthony joshua voxi launch

The Successful Campaign Results

Total Accumulated Following
Total Impressions
Media Views
Audience Engagements
Vodafone Voxi Launch Calfreezy Tweet
Vodafone Voxi Launch JMXFifa Tweet
Vodafone Voxi Launch AnesonGib Tweet

What we did and who we used

For this Vodafone campaign, we utilised 3 of the most popular UK YouTube influencers from our network, including Calfreezy, JMXFifa and AnEsonGib. The content was then amplified by our network to millions of young people across the UK using our bespoke software.

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