Travel brands have a lot of options!

In 2018, influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important for travel brands. Attracting the attention of consumers has never been easier. Raising the profile and revenue of travel brands has been rapidly propelled by influencers across a number of influencer niches.

So, which influencers should you be using for your campaign to ensure success?

Well, there are thousands of high profile influencers in the industry who specialise in making travel content. It’s important to keep the top performers in the travel niche on your radar, as they will add tremendous value to your marketing campaigns. But these aren’t the only kind of influencers you should be working with. In fact, here at PMYB, we recommend that travel brands target influencers from varied industries when launching travel influencer marketing campaigns. Here are our top three reasons why influencers from different niches can help travel brands to launch successful influencer marketing campaigns…


1. The content will stand out more

Top travel influencers are great at doing what they do. But that means a lot of marketing campaigns for travel brands come their way. This travel campaign overload, combined with other travel content, means that travel influencers’ social platforms are saturated with different destinations, attractions, and travel brands. So, even the most unique influencer marketing campaign will struggle to stand out amongst their sea of travel content.

On the other hand, a travel campaign on another influencer’s platform will stand out much more, and will, therefore, attract consumers’ attention easier. The authenticity of the endorsement may even be raised by utilising an influencer from outside the travel niche. Take, for example, the British YouTuber Fashion Mumblr aka Josie Fear. The vast majority of this influencer’s content is related to style and wardrobe planning. She also regularly daily vlogs, and discusses style and beauty. This all means that any campaigns for travel brands – including this video promoting Zurich’s chain of Marriott hotels really stand out on her channel. 

So, working with influencers in fashion, sport, beauty, fitness, music, lifestyle and a whole host of industries won’t hold your campaign back. They will, in fact, help your travel brand to shine.


2. The content will seem more organic

Here’s another thing to consider. Travel campaigns that appear on other influencers’ platforms won’t just stand out – they’ll appear more organic, too. This is because followers won’t be used to the influencers constantly churning out promotions for travel brands. So, when a daily vlogger – like Marcus Butler, for example – promotes a destination, the endorsement will appear more organic. This means that followers will trust the recommendation more, and are more likely to invest in the brand.


3. Easier to tailor campaigns to the travel brands’ audience

Using influencers from other industries also allows travels brand to tailor the influencer marketing campaign to a more specific audience. For example, luxury holiday resorts can work with luxury fashion and lifestyle influencers to actually hit target audiences interested in living a lavish lifestyle. After all, these are social media stars are already attracting attention from consumers that are interested in high-end products.

Similarly, travel brands targeting families can work with parent vloggers and bloggers. For example, Centre Parcs launched an effective influencer marketing campaign with Mum and YouTuber Louise Pentland, which showcased the location’s various kids’ activities and family-friendly nature.


The key to success for travel brands!

So, influencers working in different niches should not be dismissed by travel brands wanting to launch influencer marketing campaigns. In fact – as this article shows – influencers from varied industries can actually be particularly effective in promoting travel brands.

We, therefore, recommend that travel brands looking to maximise their social media reputation and attract new audiences look at boosting their influencer marketing strategy – starting by reaching out to influencers in a range of different industries.

For more tips and guidance on running influencer marketing campaigns, you may want to read our article that covers steps of building a successful influencer strategy.


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