PMYB Network – The World’s Biggest Beauty YouTubers

Beauty YouTubers talk all things makeup, skincare and cosmetics for a living – and viewers love them for it! They run some of the most popular and most successful YouTube channels in the world. And, for the marketing industry, that only means one thing… These influencers are seriously valuable.

Our influencer/celebrity network at PMYB includes hundreds of the most remarkable beauty, lifestyle and fashion influencers in the world.

When brands partner with beauty YouTubers, views soar, products sell-out and life becomes a lot easier for marketers. Influencer marketing works in every continent of the globe. So, if you’re a cosmetics brand looking to crack the local, national, or even global market, undoubtedly, beauty YouTubers are the direction you should go down.

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In this article, we’ve lined up some of the biggest and best beauty YouTubers in the world – from Europe to South America, and everywhere in between. Just check out the work of these beauty YouTubers to date – the marketing campaigns they have led, and the international brands they have worked with. These beauty YouTubers really are taking the global marketing industry by storm…


1. England: FleurDeForce

1.4 million YouTube subscribers

If you’re a beauty brand looking to crack the UK market, you should know about FleurDeForce.  Fleur has a long-standing professional relationship with Collection cosmetics and has helped to boost brand awareness by achieving over 100,000 views on her YouTube videos. Fleur has also worked with other top beauty brands, including Liz Earle and Boots.

2. England: Zoe London

64k YouTube subscribers

UK beauty fans also flock to Zoe London’s channel for her daring makeup looks. Consequently, her advertorial content for brands like Seventeen cosmetics and Sanctuary skincare have achieved thousands of views.

3. England: Niomi Smart

1.7 million YouTube subscribers

This influencer is one of the most popular beauty YouTubers in the UK. As a result, she’s been involved in some high profile marketing campaigns. Thanks to Niomi’s huge following, video marketing campaigns for Simple skincare and Eco Tools makeup brushes and have been viewed over a hundred thousand times.

4. England: MsRosieBea

200k YouTube subscribers

Big brands have definitely taken note of Rosie’s social media presence – you might have seen her in television spots for L’Oreal. Over on her YouTube channel, she’s worked on campaigns for beauty brands like Estee Lauder, Braun and Sally Hansen.

5. Ireland: Melanie Murphy

500k YouTube subscribers

Of all the top Irish beauty YouTubers, Melanie Murphy is perhaps the best known. These days, her videos receive several hundred thousands views. As a result, video marketing campaigns on her channel help brands to receive plenty of exposure – particularly among Irish consumers. She’s worked with a range of brands – including Rimmel, Penguin and even Skittles!

6. Ireland: Chloe Boucher

400k YouTube subscribers

Irish viewers love Chloe Boucher’s beauty content. Her videos typically receive several thousand views. This includes the videos Chloe makes in collaboration with top beauty brands – like Avene and Rimmel – so Chloe’s really helping to promote brands to the Irish market.

7. Ireland: Dramatic Mac

200k YouTube subscribers

This influencer is one to watch on the Irish beauty YouTubers scene. Her ever-growing YouTube following helped to make a long-term video marketing campaign for Nivea skincare a real success in Ireland, achieving over 30 thousand views and hundreds of likes. She has also worked with top brands like Sigma makeup brushes.

8. Ireland: Sophia Mitchell

300k YouTube subscribers

Sophia Mitchell is also a rising star in the Irish beauty YouTubers community, who is taking the influencer marketing industry by storm. She has produced a number of videos in collaboration with Rimmel. Her social media following has helped the brand to receive over 50,000 views per video.

9. USA: Nitraa B

676k YouTube subscribers

This influencer is also a rising star in the beauty YouTubers community. She’s already helped cosmetic brands like Covergirl and Laura Mercier to boost brand awareness, by producing sponsored videos that have earned several thousand views.

10. USA: Bethany Mota

10 million YouTube subscribers

Bethany Mota is one of the most popular beauty YouTubers – not just in the USA, but the world over! These days her beauty videos typically command around one million views. It’s no surprise, then, that all the top brands are fighting to work with Bethany Mota on marketing campaigns. Her partnership with US based retailer Aeropostale has been hailed for ‘saving’ brand.

11. USA: Ingrid Nilsen

3.9 million YouTube subscribers

This American YouTuber has been making beauty and lifestyle videos for years, and has earned herself millions of fans from all over the world. It’s no wonder, then, that Ingrid has starred in some pretty high profile video marketing campaigns. She has long-standing professional relationships with top brands like Bare Minerals and Covergirl. Ingrid has helped these campaigns to gain several thousand views.

12. USA: Nikkie Tutorials

7.4 million YouTube subscribers

This American YouTuber is well-known on YouTube, due to her incredible makeup talents. She’s also helped top cosmetic retailers like Sephora to boost brand awareness all over the globe.

13. France: Sananas

1.8 million YouTube subscribers

Top French beauty vlogger Sananas has worked with a range of global brands – including Sigma makeup brushes and Makeup Forever cosmetics. As Sananas videos typically reach at least 400,000 views, it’s no wonder! Her channel is the ideal platform to promote beauty products to French viewers.

14. France: Horia

1.8 million YouTube subscribers

Hoira is also one of France’s favourite beauty YouTubers. Her social media presence has helped global beauty brands like Sephora and Nair receive several hundred thousand views on video marketing campaigns.

15. France: Enjoy Phoenix

2.9 million YouTube subscribers

Enjoy Phoenix is probably France’s best known YouTube beauty guru, so it comes as no surprise that she regularly works with global brands. This includes women’s lifestyle magazine, Elle, and beauty brand Maybelline.

To find out more about Enjoy Phoenix’s results on influencer marketing campaigns – this time on Instagram – check out this article.

16. France: NoemieMakeupTouch

966k YouTube subscribers

Noemie is a rising star on the French beauty guru scene, with an ever-growing subscriber count. She’s already worked with a range of big cosmetic brands – including Kiko, Smoothskin and L’Oreal. Noemie gives the brands a positive review for her thousands of regular viewers and helps to boost the brand’s image in France.


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17. Germany: Madame TamTam

164k YouTube subscribers

Madame TamTam is one of Germany’s top beauty YouTubers. Consequently, over the years she’s played an important role in boosting the image of cosmetics brands in Germany. She’s worked with global brands like Anastasia and Garnier, on videos that have been viewed by around 40,000 makeup fanatics.

18. Germany: Consider Cologne

202k YouTube subscribers

Leonie and Lena front this German beauty channel, which is something of a rising star in the German YouTube community. Their German language beauty videos help to boost the image of global brands – including The Body Shop and Feel Unique  – on the continent, by racking up around 80,000 views for each video.


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19. Germany: Mrs Bella

903k YouTube subscribers

Mrs Bella has helped to boost the reputation of top beauty brands – like Maybelline and La Roche Posay – in Germany. She endorses the brands to her thousands of regular viewers on her channel in professionally produced sponsored videos and product placements.

20. Germany: Nilam

1.1 million YouTube subscribers

Nilam is one of the most popular YouTubers in Germany, and her content is often beauty related. As a result, a number of global cosmetics brand have asked Nilam to front marketing campaigns. Recently, she helped the European cosmetic retail giant Douglas to earn over 100,000 views on a video campaign.

21. Italy: Marta Cerreto

152k YouTube subscribers

This YouTuber is a top Italian beauty guru. She regularly works with big beauty brands – including European cosmetics giant Yves Rocher. Marta Cerreto’s huge social media following helps to boost brand awareness among Italian consumers.

22. Italy: Vanessa Ziletti

245k YouTube subscribers

Italian beauty YouTuber Vanessa Ziletti rakes in thousands of views per video. As a result, cosmetics brands see Vanessa as the key to the tapping into the Italian market. She has worked on marketing campaigns for a number of international beauty brands.  A recent video in collaboration with Pantene has already been viewed over 40,000 times.

23. Italy: KissAndMakeup01

544k YouTube subscribers

Nicole runs this top Italian beauty channel. She has worked on marketing campaigns for several global cosmetic brands. This includes top Italian beauty brand Kiko. Nicole recently endorsed new products to Italian consumers in a video which received over 100,000 views.

24. Italy: Clio Makeup

1 million YouTube subscribers

Clio Zammatteo is the makeup artist behind this popular YouTube channel. She is probably one of Italy’s biggest beauty YouTubers. And she continues to produce regular Italian language beauty videos. She has also worked on successful marketing campaigns, for global cosmetics brands like Clinique.

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25. Sweden: Janni Deler

254k YouTube subscribers

This top Swedish influencer produces regular beauty content on YouTube. She has a long-standing professional partnership with Maybelline. These sponsored videos have been helping to boost the brand’s image in Sweden and the rest of Europe

26. Sweden: Emitaz

127k YouTube subscribers

This Swedish YouTuber has a strong following of subscribers from all over Europe. She’s worked with top European brands like Isadora and Zalando, promoting new products and improving the brand’s image.

27. Sweden: Therese Lindgren

566k YouTube subscribers

This Swedish beauty guru has worked on a range sponsored videos, which have typically gained around 300,000 views. That ultimately makes for some very successful marketing campaigns. Brands Therese Lindgren has worked with include Bene Dentalcare.

28. Sweden: Helen Torsgarden

297k youTube subscribers

Through sponsored videos, this Swedish influencer has helped to boost the reputation of cosmetics brands in Sweden. So far, she has worked with global brands including Bic Beauty Razors.

29. The Netherlands: BeautyGloss

596k YouTube subscribers

The BeautyGloss YouTube channel produces regular Dutch beauty videos and has a strong following in the Netherlands. The star of the channel, Mascha, has also worked with international brands like Rimmel and Remmington on sponsored videos. These videos help to raise the brand awareness among Dutch consumers.

30. The Netherlands: VeraCamilla

259k YouTube subscribers

Vera Camilla is also one of the Netherlands’ most popular beauty YouTubers. She’s worked with top brands like Venus Gillette and Max Factor, helping to endorse the brands to around 70 thousand regular viewers.

31. The Netherlands: Anna Nooshin

190k YouTube subscribers

Anna Nooshin produces Dutch language YouTube videos, which are often beauty or lifestyle related. She has worked on video marketing campaigns for global brands including Clinique.

32. The Netherlands: Monica Geuze

356k YouTuber subscribers

Of all the top beauty YouTubers in The Netherlands, Monica Geuze is seriously well known. As a result, she has starred in some incredibly successful video marketing campaigns for top brands. This includes global beauty brands like L’Oreal.

Beauty YouTuber

33. Kenya: This is Ess

17k YouTube subscribers

Kenya’s newest favourite beauty guru gets several thousand views on each of her YouTube videos. Viewers really trust This Is Ess’s opinions, so she helps to boost the image of various different brands. She’s worked with big names including Air Kenya in recent influencer marketing campaigns.

34. Kenya: Nancie Mwai

8.1k YouTube subscribers

Nancie Mwai is also one of Kenya’s favourite beauty YouTubers. Her channel has strong engagement levels, with each video raking in around 8 thousand views. Her loyal viewers trust her opinions on all things makeup, fashion and lifestyle. So, Nancie has made a real success of her partnerships with brands like LC Waikiki and Mall For Africa.

35. Kenya: Kangai Mwiti

102k YouTube subscribers

Kangai Mwiti is Kenya’s biggest beauty guru, and a name that every brand wanting to crack the African market needs to know. Thousands of loyal viewers trust her opinions on all things beauty. So, marketing campaigns for cosmetic brands like Huda Beauty and Juvia’s Place have proved extremely effective, promoting the products to thousands of Kenyan consumers.

36: South Africa: Mihlali N

30k YouTube subscribers

This popular South African beauty channel has incredible engagement results. Mihlali N’s videos typically receive at least 20,000 views. It’s no wonder then that she often works with brands – such as Divas Wigs – on advertorial content. Mihlali really helps to promote a brand to South African beauty enthusiasts.

37. South Africa: Cynthia Gwebu

13k YouTube subscribers

Cynthia Gwebu creates some of South Africa’s most popular beauty videos. She has also worked on video marketing campaigns for global cosmetic brands like Clinique and Revlon, helping to promote products to South African consumers.

38. South Africa: Jessica van Heerden

17k YouTube subscribers

This influencer is already a well-known South African beauty guru. She’s worked with top brands like L’Oreal and Garnier. She’s also taken part in an extended marketing campaign for Daniel Wellington, helping to raise awareness for the brand in South Africa.

39. Argentina: Vikinga Makeup

1 million YouTube subscribers

This Argentinian beauty guru has a huge following. So, she has played an important role in a number of influencer marketing campaigns for big beauty brands – including Sigma makeup brushes.

40. Argentina: Melina Quiroga Makeup

265k YouTube subscribers

This channel is also the home of one Argentina’s favourite beauty YouTubers. In the past, Melina’s partnered with brands including EveryDayWigs, promoting products to the Argentine market.

41. Argentina: Giggsy Makeup

89k YouTube subscribers

This Argentine makeup artist is an up-and-coming name in the community of South American beauty YouTubers. She has already worked on influencer marketing campaigns for international brands like Sigma.

42. Argentina: Yoana Marlen Style

686k YouTube subscribers

This YouTuber  also has a strong following in Argentina, and regularly produces beauty related content. She has also helped to endorse new cosmetic products to the Argentine market, by working on sponsored videos for top brands like Avon.

43. Brazil: Camila Coelho

3.1 million YouTube subscribers

Camila Coelho is Brazil’s biggest YouTube beauty guru.  On this channel, she creates Portuguese language beauty content – including makeup tutorials and product favourites. In the past, she has worked with brands like Neutrogena and Marc Jacobs Beauty. Coelho’s huge following helps to raise brand awareness in Brazil.

44. Brazil: Mariana Saad

1.2 million YouTube subscribers

This bubbly Brazilian vlogger also uploads regular beauty videos to her channel. She has produced sponsored content for a range of brands – from Platinum4Ever and Beyoung cosmetics to even Disney.

45. Brazil:  Vício Feminino

2.1 million YouTube subscribers

Vício Feminino produces Portuguese language beauty videos with a twist, as she always injects her content with plenty of personality. She has also starred in video marketing campaigns for the Brazilian market, working with high profile brands such as Sigma makeup brushes.

46. Brazil: Mari Maria

2.2 million YouTube subscribers

Marie Maria is also one of the best known Brazilian beauty YouTubers, thanks to her incredible talent. Consequently, global brands like Avon have picked her to promote their products to the Brazilian market.

Beauty YouTubers – Want your own Fully Managed Influencer Campaign?

As you can see, beauty YouTubers all over the world are basically running the industry. It’s no surprise, as these partnerships between influencers and brands really are producing incredible results. It seems natural for beauty YouTubers to praise their favourite cosmetics brands, so product placements and advertorial content is extremely well suited to beauty YouTubers’ content. And, as we all know, when influencer marketing campaigns appear organic, consumers respond better. In the long run, this can only lead to improved sales – and better results.

As this article shows, L’Oreal, Sigma,  Neutrogena, Avon and Rimmel are all turning to beauty YouTubers for their latest marketing campaigns. Are you looking to up your influencer marketing strategy too? To work with some of the world’s top beauty YouTubers, get in touch with us at PMYB today. Please reach out to Fran Hale for new business enquiries at


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