Meet the biggest UK Influencers on YouTube!

Believe it or not, most of the biggest YouTube stars in the world are British born and bred. In fact, all 25 of the top British YouTubers have over 4 million subscribers. Clearly, top UK influencers are putting their names on the map and establishing themselves as some of the world’s leading social media influencers.

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The proof of this is in the incredibly successful advertising campaigns conducted by the British YouTubers. In recent years, YouTubers in this country have been taking over the digital advertising industry and transforming video advertising campaigns for the better.

To get on board with this trend and optimise your influencer marketing strategy, your brand should consider working with some of the country’s leading YouTubers on video marketing campaigns. So in this article, we’re flagging up their names, by counting down a list of the most popular UK influencers on YouTube – from no. 25 to the biggest YouTuber in Britain.

Read on to find out what these vlogging stars have been getting up to recently – the quality content they produce, their incredible success, and of course, those unbelievably huge subscriber counts…


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The 25 Top UK Influencers

25. Emily Tube

4,047,667 subscribers

The 25th of the 25 most popular UK influencers remains YouTube vlogger Emily Tube. Her YouTube channel was launched in 2011. Due to her hard-work and easy-going personality, the channel has quickly risen to success with its large audience young viewers. Emily Tube videos star a young British family and consist of child-friendly content. Videos often feature toys, games and nursery rhymes.

24. iBallisticSquid

4,096,319 subscribers

Gamer iBallisticSquid ranks 24th in our line-up. David Spencer runs this channel, where he uploads gameplays from the popular video game Minecraft. Spencer’s videos document various gaming challenges, and he has also produced a number of video game series, which go down well with viewers. All in all, Spencer is well-loved within the YouTube gaming community, largely due to his cheery personality, which radiates from every one of his videos.

23. Jack’s Gap

4,140,0005 subscribers

Over the last few years, twins Jack and Finn Harries have been catapulted to Internet fame and are now well-known social influencers. The channel was originally created to document Jack’s gap year travels in 2011. But as the videos attracted more and more fans, the channel grew bigger and better. Jack’s brother Finn joined the channel, and it morphed into a ‘video project’ – essentially a platform for the twins to inform and inspire others with regard to important world topics, such as climate change.

22. Amazing Phil

4,144,745 subscribers

Phil Lester runs this popular YouTube channel – and he’s something of a YouTube veteran. He has a Masters degree in Video Postproduction and has been running his channel since 2006. Over a decade later, Amazing Phil continues to make regular comedy vlogs with his group of YouTube pals.

ACurlyPhil Watch Dan attempt to curl my hair in the new video on my channel! ‍♂️

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21. Joe Weller

4,379,824 subscribers

Weller created his popular YouTube channel in 2012 and quickly became known as a rising star on the UK vlogging scene. Originally, Weller was known for his video games series, but he has since branched out into various other kinds of content. On his channel, Weller has uploaded a number of original music videos showcasing his house music as well as videos exploring paranormal activity.

20. Marcus Butler

4,611,289 subscribers

Marcus Butler launched his eponymous YouTube channel back in 2010, to showcase his music and sports tricks – but what began as a creative side project quickly turned into a lucrative career. Butler now produces weekly comedy and prank videos on his channel, and is also involved in regular marketing campaigns, endorsing top brands.

19. Tom Ska

4,730,463 subscribers

Thomas Ridgewell is a filmmaker, who launched his popular YouTube channel back in 2006. Over the past decade, he has produced a huge number of comedy films and sketches, which have earned him a massive fan base. Some of Ridgewell’s best-known works are his animated comedy films, including his well-loved webtoon series. Ridgewell continues to update his channel with his latest work on a regular basis.

18. Colin Furze

5,076,118 subscribers

A former plumber, Colin Furze uses his engineering skills to build weird and wonderful inventions. He tests these inventions out in his incredible YouTube videos – sometimes smashing a world record or two along the way. Furze’s channel has been going strong since 2006, and he continues to upload regularly to this day – constantly hoping to produce bigger and better inventions, and push the boundaries further still.

17. PointlessBlog

5,529,486 subscribers

Alfie Deyes launched his YouTube channel, Pointless Blog, back in 2009. Since then, he has risen to Internet fame, becoming one of the most famous UK influencers on YouTube. On this primary channel, Deyes uploads challenges, pranks, comedy skits and Q&As. He also vlogs his daily life, and plays an active role in a number of high-profile marketing campaigns.

16. Conor Maynard

5,542,489 subscribers

You might consider pop sensation Conor Maynard a household name – but did you realise his career began on YouTube? Maynard joined YouTube in 2006, to upload song covers and showcase his musical talents. Since then, he has become a certified pop singer in his own right. However, Maynard continues to upload music to his YouTube channel, where his social media content remains popular among viewers. As a result, Maynard is one of the most popular UK influencers on YouTube.

15. F2Freestylers

6,017,568 subscribers

What’s the UK’s biggest football tricks YouTube channel? F2Freestylers! The channel was launched in 2011, and is run by two ex-footballers, Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch. The pair came together to showcase the best freestyle football skills on the UK circuit. Their YouTube content also features tutorials, pranks and epic football challenges. All in all, this is the go-to British YouTube channel for anything football related.

14. Miniminter

6,066,256 subscribers

Simon Minter runs the Miniminter YouTube channel. This is also an important platform for football related video content. Minter produces a variety of videos – including both FIFA tutorials and gameplays, and real-life football challenges. Minter also uploads a variety of comedy vlogs and challenges. All of this quality content makes Minter one of the UK’s favourite YouTubers, and he’s therefore one of the most important UK influencers – Minter’s definitely one to watch…

Huge thanks to OneFootball for letting @tobjizzle and I experience this

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13. Toys and Me

6,229,287 subscribers

Toys and Me describe themselves as a family-friendly YouTube channel, who offer a broad range of children’s content. The channel features everything from toy unboxings and reviews to challenges and day-in-the-life vlogs. 9-year-old Tiana is the face of the videos, whilst her dad manages the channel on a day-to-day basis – and their formula is working well. This YouTube channel – made for children, and made by a child herself – is now one of the most popular in the UK.

12. Daniel Howell

6,482,129 subscribers

Howell created his first YouTube video back in 2009, and dropped out of a law degree at The University of Manchester to pursue his video-making career. Luckily, it was seemingly a smart choice, as Howell is now one of the biggest UK influencers on YouTube. Howell continues to upload regular videos to his channel (which is perhaps best known under its former name, DanIsNotOnFire). Mostly, Howell produces comedy vlogs, which have earned him a loyal following on social media.

11. Caspar

7,295,546 subscribers

Since 2011, Caspar Lee has been uploading comedy vlogs to his eponymous YouTube channel. The videos – which range from skits and challenges to celebrity interviews – have earned him a huge fanbase, making him one of the biggest UK influencers on YouTube. Due to Lee’s incredible success, he has gone on to work with a number of brands, on marketing campaigns, in films and in interviews. All in all, he’s one the UK’s biggest YouTube stars.

viewer enjoying the top 25 UK influencers on YouTube

10. Yogscast Lewis and Simon

7,324,009 subscribers

Yogscast Lewis and Simon is also one of the UK’s biggest gaming channels – but with a slight twist. On this YouTube channel, you’ll find footage of every kind of game imaginable – not just video games, but board games, and other live-action challenges too.

9. ThatcherJoe

8,055,501 subscribers

This channel is run by Joe Sugg – brother of the infamous British YouTuber, Zoella. However, Joe Sugg is now also a popular influencer in his own right. He launched his channel in 2011, and has been producing regular entertainment videos ever since. His most popular content includes pranks, challenges and collaborations with other top UK influencers.

8. ComedyShortsGamer

8,172,442 subscribers

Talking of successful YouTube siblings, meet Comedy Shorts Gamer. He’s KSI’s younger brother – but also one the most followed UK influencers on YouTube himself. Since joining YouTube in 2011, Comedy Shorts Gamer has branched out into making vlogs and prank videos, making him one of the UK’s favourite comedy YouTubers.

This thing is heavy!

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7. Stampylonghead

8,657,317 subscribers

Stampylonghead is another YouTube gamer, who’s perhaps best known for commentating Minecraft videos. However, Stampylonghead videos differ slightly from those on other gaming channels. This channel’s primary audience consists of children – and the star of the show is a fictional character known as Mr Stampy Cat. This child-friendly gaming content has made Stampylonghead one of the most popular UK influencers on YouTube.

6. Ali-A

8,946,002 subscribers

On this YouTube channel, Ali-A uploads news and gameplays for popular video games, such as Call of Duty. His channel is brimming with the latest video game news, the coolest footage, and all the need-to-know gaming strategies. Having joined YouTube back in 2006, Ali-A is one of the best-known and longest standing gamers on the video platform, and as such one of the most important UK influencers on YouTube.

5. TheSyndicateProject

10,043,994 subscribers

We’ve now counted down to the 5th most popular YouTuber in the UK: The Syndicate Project. Tom Cassell has been running this gaming channel since 2010. He commentates gameplays and has produced a number of popular series featuring different video games – from Halo and Call of Duty to The Sims. As one of the most followed UK influencers on YouTube, Cassell has also worked with various high-profile brands in influencer marketing campaigns.

4. W2S

10,658,035 subscribers

Harry Lewis is the face behind the W2S YouTube channel. Incredibly, this YouTuber is relatively new to the scene – he only created his channel in 2012. However, quality gameplays and challenge videos, combined with an energetic attitude, have made him one the most successful UK influencers on YouTube.

3. Zoella

11,913,643 subscribers

Back in 2009, Zoe Sugg started making fashion and beauty videos on YouTube. Since then, she has steadily become one of the best known and most successful YouTubers in the UK. Sugg continues to produce regular videos, including makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, Q&As and advice videos. She’s also starred in a number of effective marketing campaigns, along with brother Joe Sugg and boyfriend Alfie Deyes.

Zoe Sugg - Zoella (Uk influencers)


2. DanTDM

15,993,600 subscribers

As of now, this is the second biggest YouTube channel in the UK. Unbelievably, Daniel Middleton only created this channel in 2011. However, Middleton’s daily content and happy-go-lucky attitude have earned him a huge fanbase among youngsters, making him incredibly successful. Middleton continues to produce hilarious gameplays for video games like Minecraft. He also produces short films starring original animated characters.


16,375,531 subscribers

It’s official. Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji – better known as KSI – is the UK’s favourite YouTuber.

KSI has been making videos since 2009 and has been incredibly successful in his pursuits. This will come as no surprise to those familiar with KSI’s video content, as he really is a Jack of all trades. Having established himself as a top YouTube gamer, KSI has also branched out into music, pranks and chatty vlogs. All of this quality content has proved incredibly popular, meaning KSI really has earned those 16 million plus subscribers!

KSI - English Youtuber (Uk influencers)


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So, there we have it – that’s our rankings for the top 25 UK influencers on YouTube, from Emily Tube to KSI, and every creator in between!

As you can see, every one of these 25 YouTubers has truly earned their success through the quality content they produce. They would all be valuable assets to a marketing campaign, so if you would like to find out more about working with these leading UK influencers, get in touch with PMYB today.


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