Our 2019 B2B Marketing Expo Exhibit

Like last year, several members of our influencer marketing agency attended the 2019 B2B Marketing Expo, which was again held at London’s ExCel Center. The two-day exhibition showcased the world of marketing to business owners, c-suite execs, students, journalists, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, influencers, content creators and many more. Our PMYB team really enjoyed meeting like-minded marketing enthusiasts at the event, as well as educating people on influencer marketing. We particularly enjoyed the positive feedback we received with regards to our unique approach to influencer marketing.

Many people at the show were new to influencer marketing, however, there was clearly a larger understanding of influencers at this year’s event compared to last year.

PMYB Wins the 2019 ‘Agency of the Future’ Award

Reportedly, 32,000 people attended this year’s marketing expo and every year various awards are up for grabs. This year the following awards were presented by the likes of Lara Martini (Microsoft EMEA Director), Nicola Hamilton (Senior Director, Brand & Communications at Finastra) and Jai Thattil (Global Head of 5G Services Marketing – Nokia UK).

  • Agency of the Future
  • Best Tech Innovation
  • Best Marketing Management Tool

PMYB was nominated for ‘Agency of the future’.

After a very engaging and energetic speech from PMYB Co-Founder and Managing Director, Rohan Midha and PMYB campaign manager, Martyna Kasmauskaite, we brought home the award. Rohan described how PMYB has disrupted the influencer marketing industry with our unique Chromo-Analysis process, as well as our approach to technology and scaling the agency.

Influencer Marketing Interest Continues to Grow

Although many of the attendees we came across were quite new to influencer marketing, many of the people that we spoke to had already formed opinions on influencer marketing. Some had conducted influencer marketing campaigns in the past and others were planning to spend a large portion of their marketing budget on influencer marketing in the near future. One thing we found very apparent was the fact that a lot more people now recognise the benefits of using influencers. Over 500 people shared a strong interest in what we do during the 2-day exhibition.

B2B Marketing Expo 2019 PMYB team

PMYB members (Rohan Midha, Martyna Kasmauskaite, Sarah Abela & Chris Wilson)

Influencer Marketing works in Most Industries

As well as the appreciation for influencer marketing, we found some confusion in regards to the application of it. People recognise the value in the market, however, there was one question in particular which kept cropping up. Can influencer marketing be used in any industry, including B2B companies?

This is a question which we feel needs to be addressed. Influencer marketing has so far gained most popularity in industries such as beauty, health, fitness, food and drink, as well as fashion but there are many industries which are very suitable for brands – a few being the technology, gaming, finance, parenting and travel industries.

Although B2B influencer marketing is a lot less popular than B2C, it is very much possible to carry out effective campaigns that reach and impact business professionals. You need to be extremely careful, strategic and tactical with the money you spend, however. Every pound needs to be carefully optimised because influencers in this space tend to be more costly with regards to the amount of awareness they are able to achieve. Nonetheless, B2B influencers can be just as valuable.

Although influencer marketing can easily be conducted in most industries, it is more suited to B2C companies that are looking to target consumers. Nonetheless, influencer marketing can still be successfully conducted for B2B businesses. Our team at PMYB actually work with a growing network of over 17,000 influencers across over 40 industries, which you can find here

Our 2019 B2B Marketing Expo Review

The B2B Marketing Expo was a very enlightening experience and one that everyone who attended got something out of.  As an influencer agency, we always enjoy educating brands and empowering them to make the most out of their influencer budget spend. In addition, it’s always refreshing to communicate in-person with people interested in learning more about influencer marketing.

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