Target Generation Z in 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, everybody is looking towards the new year. The dawn of 2018 will bring new targets and new challenges for the marketing industry. Namely, in the form of targeting Generation Z (Defined as young people that were born between 1996 and 2010).

In order to sustain a successful marketing approach over the next few years, it is key that brands learn to target Generation Z effectively in 2018. After all, Generation Z will become increasingly important consumers for brands in many markets in the coming years. In fact, by 2020, Generation Z will make up an incredible 40% of all consumers. That is an unavoidable statistic.

Clearly, this generation is the future of the consumer world, and it’s imperative we learn to market to them correctly, by embracing the marketing strategies that suit the future.

As we all know, the future of marketing – particularly for younger generations – very much lies in the realm of social media and influencer marketing strategies. Now, it is important that brands learn how to specifically adapt their influencer marketing strategy to target Generation Z.

So, let’s take a closer look at how your brand can use influencer marketing approaches to develop your marketing strategy in 2018 – and ultimately target Generation Z successfully.


From Millennials to Generation Z

We have all come across the term Millennials, and we have now learned the most effective way to target them. After all, the term has become something of a marketing buzz word of late. On the other hand, less is known about their younger brothers and sisters, Generation Z. And that is despite Generation Z encompassing a larger portion of the population. (Gen Z just outnumbers the world’s 60 million Millennials.)

Clearly, it’s very important to distinguish this group from other generations and focus on learning how to specifically target Generation Z in campaigns. It’s time to distinguish the reality from the stereotype and work out what makes Gen Z tick…

target Generation Z

So how do we Target Generation Z?

In order to target Generation Z effectively, it’s important to define exactly which cohort we’re dealing with here.

According to Forbes, Generation Z describes those born between 1996 and 2010.

As a result, there is one defining feature that makes Generation Z stand out from other generations – even from younger groups, like the Millennials. Generation Z – and Generation Z alone – have never known a world without a constant source of technology. That includes the internet and social media of some form.

This is a huge deal. It’s something we have to keep in mind when aiming to target Generation Z through social media, as it can be a blessing and a curse. It means that social media marketing strategies can be overwhelmingly effective for brands wanting to target Generation Z. But only if they get their strategy 100% right.

So, let’s take a look at exactly how brands can achieve that…


Create Engaging Content, Not Ads

As we just mentioned, Generation Z – like no other generation before them – lives have been surrounded by the internet and social media. The overwhelming majority of Gen Z use multiple social media platforms on a daily basis.  They’ve grown up with Instagram accounts, YouTube channels and communicating via Twitter or Snapchat.

Of course, this is great news for your influencer marketing goals, because it means Generation Z will be particularly easier to target in the future with social media campaigns. But consider a different aspect of the equation. For as long as they can remember, Generation Z has been using social media on their own terms. Yes, they’re big users of social media. But primarily because they want to be. Because they enjoy social media and get something positive out of it. Essentially, Generation Z are used to being entertained by social media -and not, necessarily, sold to.

Like other generations, Generation Z will become fed up with constant display adverts in their feed and other intrusive ads.

If ads don’t offer the consumer any value in return, it simply won’t target Generation Z effectively. And this is why creative approaches to influencer marketing add so much value to brands looking to target their consumers.

Using Social Amplification to Target Generation Z

Essentially, brands need to produce social media marketing campaigns that entertain Generation Z consumers. Ultimately, this means creating entertaining, valuable content as part of your campaigns. Not straight-up ads.

PMYB’s Social Amplification Service provides a simple way to achieve this. Essentially, here at PMYB, we do a lot behind the scenes of marketing campaigns. Yes, we liaise and collaborate with our growing network of influencers from around the world. But we also manage and collaborate with the biggest social media content creators that have thousands to millions of engaged followers.

Content creators are top influencers in the form of non-human branded or parody social media accounts. They distribute fun, entertaining content in every kind of field imaginable – from student accounts to sport to fashion and more. And these accounts have huge engaged followings made up of specific target audiences.

Through our Social Amplification Service, your brand can benefit from these content creators and their incredible follower reach. We can ensure top content creator accounts spread your brand to millions through hashtags, links, polls, video clips, photos or whichever way you’d like to target your consumers.

It’s fair to say that the universal power of content creators is undeniable. But clearly, content creators are particularly useful at helping brands to target Generation Z. These accounts provide the entertainment value Generation Z crave, and millions of Generation Z consumers are already following them. So, alongside influencers, content creators provide the ideal way to target Generation Z.

target Generation Z

More about the PMYB Social Amplification Service

Our Social Amplification Service has already achieved incredible results, helping global brands like Apple Music and Vodafone to reach millions of consumers in rapid timing.

We offer very detailed reporting -including a live screenshot of every single tweet or retweet relating to the campaign, from our content creators, influencers, and the general public.

As our case studies demonstrate, we have a wealth of experience behind us in this field. In particular, we can very easily target millennials and Generation Z  on Twitter. If you would like to hear more about we do this, get in touch with us today.

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Target Generation Z on a Multitude of  Social Platforms

Yes, content creators are one effective way to target Generation Z. But which social platforms should brands be utilising to target Generation Z?

The vast majority of Generation Z use multiple technological devices. In fact, on average, Generation Z reach for five different screens over the course of the day.

Of course, different social media platforms work for different devices. Instagram and Snapchat are consumed through mobiles, whilst Pinterest and YouTube are popular among desktop users. You should aim to target Generation Z on a variety of social media platforms. There’s no need to completely limit your Generation Z campaign to solely Instagram, for example.

After all –  there are, of course, top social influencers on every platform. We’ve overseen successful campaigns on all f the major social media platforms – including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and through Facebook, too.

Having said that, there is evidence to suggest that Generation Z is a mobile-first generation. This makes a lot of sense. After all, much of this cohort owned a mobile phone before they hit puberty

Generation Z Campaigns Roundup

Ensure that your brand targets Generation Z effectively in the coming months and years.

As this article has highlighted, again and again, Generation Z are seasoned social media users. They know the social inside out. And when it comes to social media marketing content, they’ve grown up with it – so you need to really stand out.

In reality, this means that Generation Z want meaningful content rather than intrusive ads. When implementing influencer marketing do make sure the adverts are adding value to their lives in the form of entertainment, education or information. And keep the content as organic to the influencers channel as possible.

As an influencer marketing agency, we understand the importance of keeping influencer content organic (content similar to what the influencer would normally post). Audiences dislike when their favourite influencer posts something that doesn’t fit their channel or page. As a result, it is important to only choose influencers that suit your product – Unless a very creative concept is implemented, of course.

 Target Generation Z Today

Generation Z already has $44 billion in buying power, and it’s growing. Now is a good time to tap into this audience.

As this article has shown, brands cannot target Generation X without a little forethought. This cohort represents a whole new category of thinkers, social media users, and consumers. But social media marketing campaigns can be used to target Generation Z effectively.

Simply break the process down and focus on the basics.

Produce campaigns consisting of entertaining or helpful social media content, rather than intrusive ads, perhaps through the use of content creators and influencers.

Also, create campaigns that work on various social media platforms, but above all, focus on mobile-friendly content.

 Here at PMYB, we can supply you with the knowledge and expertise to effectively target Generation Z. In the long-run, this will keep your brand an industry front-runner as we head into 2018 and beyond – when Generation Z will become the consumers of the future.


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