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Instagram fraud
Ad fraud News
February 7, 2019

Instagram vs Instagram Fraud – The Battle is Heating up

Instagram fraud has been a contentious issue for some years now. There are very few people in social media who are not rattled by disingenuous Instagram users – including brands,…
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fake instagrammers
Influencer Marketing Fraud
October 17, 2018

How Fake Instagrammers Tricked Brands. Due diligence is needed!

The Wild West of Influencer Marketing Still Exists A fairly recent investigation has proven, once again that fake Instagrammers can - and do trick brands on a regular basis. The…
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January 14, 2019

Will the IGTV App ever make the impact it promised?

When Instagram originally launched in 2010, few could have predicted the app's profound evolution in the past decade. After just one month Instagram had acquired one million users and by…
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instagram shopping
September 6, 2018

The Future of In-App Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping (also referred to as ‘Shopping on Instagram’ by Instagram) is one of the most innovative features available on the social platform. But Instagram are seemingly about to make…
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musically tik tok launch party
August 6, 2018

Tik Tok and Musical.ly are Merging to Form a New Short Video Platform!

 Tik Tok and musical.ly are Merging! It’s official! Our client, the hugely popular global video app, musical.ly has merged with Tik Tok. Our team at PMYB were delighted to be invited to the official…
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IGTV - Instagram Algorithm
June 22, 2018

The New IGTV Instagram 1 Hour Video Feature – All you Need to Know!

IGTV - All You Need to Know! Over the last few years, Instagram - one of the UK’s most popular apps - has been evolving at a remarkably quick pace.…
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Advertising News
July 7, 2017

Virgin Media, Sky and Facebook plan to improve brand safety

Virgin Media and Sky have decided to partner together in order to provide what they hope will be a good alternative to digital amid transparency. While Facebook created new features…
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Sidemen FC vs YouTube Allstars
May 23, 2017

WATCH: Sidemen FC vs YouTube Allstars – YouTube Stars Football Match

Sidemen FC vs YouTube Allstars Sunday 21 May 2017 saw YouTube stars Sidemen FC go head-to-head with other social media celebrities from the YouTube Allstars in a charity football match.…
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Youtube extremist videos - google ipad
Advertising News
May 22, 2017

Google Tightens Grip on Advertisers – Extremist Videos Saga

Google Issue Advertisers Promise Google recently faced an exodus of advertisers from its search engine and video channel due to extremist videos. Major advertisers pulled their ads after they were…
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May 9, 2017

Fake News! Facebook invest in UK Newspaper Ads to improve reputation!

Facebook invests in UK Newspaper Ads! Due to the ongoing drama surrounding fake news, Facebook has decided to take action by investing in multiple UK national newspaper ads. Also, Facebook has…
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