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Influencer Marketing Tips
February 26, 2019

Why Brands Need to Think More Like a Chromo-Influencer

Chromo-Influencers™ have become the kings and queens of social media. The most prominent influencers (Chromo-Influencers™) produce and deliver content that evokes the emotions of their followers. By definition, they have…
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Absolut vodka social influencer campaign
Influencer Campaigns
January 31, 2018

How Absolut Vodka Succeeded with their Social Influencer Campaign

After doing yet another social influencer campaign, Absolut Vodka again learned how beneficial social influencers can be for improving your brand awareness and customer retention. They have engaged in many…
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21 british influencers - uk instagrammers
July 19, 2017

21 British Influencers For Your Instagram Campaign

The Top 21 British Influencers on Instagram Instagram continues to play a key role in influencer marketing. A growing number of British influencers are contributing to the development of countless…
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group of social influencers
Influencer Marketing TipsPsychology in Advertising
July 11, 2017

Social Influencers: The Psychology Behind Great Influencer Marketing

Social Influencers Consumers spend a lifetime checking their Facebook, watching videos on YouTube and scrolling down their Twitter timeline. It's no wonder social influencers are rapidly becoming an important component…
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