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strategic narrative emotional brain
Psychology in Advertising
November 26, 2018

How a Strategic Narrative Opens the Emotional Brain

Implementing a Strategic Narrative in Influencer Marketing Everybody connects with stories. We're living them every day and every second. They can bring your brand to life in the eyes of your audience,…
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influencer advertising gender difference
Psychology in Advertising
October 12, 2017

Do Men and Women Respond Differently to Influencer Advertising?

There do not appear to be many studies yet into gender differences when it comes to influencer advertising. Indeed this is an academic field that has huge potential for future…
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group of social influencers
Influencer Marketing TipsPsychology in Advertising
July 11, 2017

Social Influencers: The Psychology Behind Great Influencer Marketing

Social Influencers Consumers spend a lifetime checking their Facebook, watching videos on YouTube and scrolling down their Twitter timeline. It's no wonder social influencers are rapidly becoming an important component…
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psychological triggers - lightbulb
Influencer Marketing Tips
April 27, 2017

Psychological Advertising Triggers in Influencer Marketing

Psychological triggers in advertising The mental associations that make consumers remember your brand is what contributes to your brand's future success. As well as future clicks and views, these cues can factor…
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Celebrity Endorsement Psychology
Influencer Marketing News
April 4, 2017

Celebrity Endorsement Psychology – The Power of Influencer Marketing

Celebrity Endorsement Psychology  A while ago, we looked into why you should perhaps involve celebrity endorsements in your influencer marketing campaigns. However, here we investigated the world of the consumer and why audiences…
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