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Influencer Marketing Success Stories
March 21, 2019

FULL INTERVIEW: How Influencers Transformed the Fresh Ego Kid Brand (with Founder, Marvin Morgan)

Marvin Morgan's Personal Experiences with Influencers Fresh Ego Kid Founder and professional footballer, Marvin Morgan sat down with PMYB to describe his personal journey of creating a formidable streetwear fashion…
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12 PMYB Influencer marketing predictions
Influencer Marketing News
January 30, 2019

12 Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2019

It is fair to say that Influencer Marketing is ready for a big year in 2019. We saw massive strides in the industry throughout 2018 and we will continue to…
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PMYB team photo
December 17, 2018

PMYB’s 11 Influencer Marketing Highlights from 2018

Our Influencer Marketing Highlights With Christmas fast approaching and 2019 on the horizon, we thought it would be a great time to have a look back at the year and…
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Influencer Marketing Tips
June 23, 2017

How a startup business explosively grew with Influencer Marketing

Is Influencer Marketing right for your Startup Business? Now everybody knows the struggle of growing a startup business. All ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners want to lay their mark in their…
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influencer marketing myths
Influencer Marketing Tips
May 15, 2017

4 Commonly Ignored Influencer Marketing Myths – Busted!

Marketing Misconceptions - Influencer Marketing Myths There is no question that influencer marketing has become an essential strategy for most modern businesses. However, ensuring that your influencer marketing campaign is…
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Influencer Marketing Tips
May 5, 2017

Why Influencer Agencies Are the Answer for Brands!

   Influencer Marketing & Influencer Agencies - The Beginners Guide As you probably know by now, influencer marketing has taken over the advertising industry - and with good reason. Because…
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Ad fraud News
April 19, 2017

Social media automation bots are stealing from you

The rise of social media automation Social media automation and bots are a worryingly popular go-to for influencers who seek to establish online authority. Companies are being fooled every day…
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