Is Influencer Marketing right for your Startup Business?

Now everybody knows the struggle of growing a startup business. All ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners want to lay their mark in their respective industry. They also don’t want to make mistakes. Unfortunately, avoiding mistakes too much and not taking the necessary risks will be the main thing that stops you from making your mark in your industry. Likewise, that’s why we’ve gone down the route of being bold in ours!


A successful risk that paid off for one startup business

A startup company called Grad DNA opted to run an influencer campaign for the first time. Grad DNA is a revolutionary mobile app that matches graduates with graduate jobs through in-app psychometric tests. The app leads to graduated being offered interviews based on their performance.

At first, they were sceptical about the power and effectivity of influencer marketing. Nonetheless, they decided to move forwards with their first-ever influencer campaign with our influencer marketing agency.


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What happened in the Grad DNA Influencer Campaign

The campaign consisted of getting young people and graduates to educate other graduates on the app and how it could lead them to their dream career. The campaign included hundreds of young influential people with social media followings ranging from 2,000 up towards 20,000 people (micro-influencers). In addition, other influencers with large student/graduate followings were included.

So what were the results of the campaign? Grad DNA went on to accumulate over 25,000 downloads in 8 days and hit the top of Apple app stores for the business category.

Many have been sceptical about influencer marketing and misguidedly see the marketing strategy as a punt, however, that is false when done correctly, as you see in the case of Grad DNA.


Stepping out of your comfort zone

By no means is it bad to use other forms of marketing in your digital strategy. You shouldn’t be afraid of testing out different forms of digital marketing. However, it is important to include an influencer marketing strategy if you are attempting to humanise your brand, reach inspired consumers and to create genuine associations between your brand and your target market.

The biggest brands in the world have implemented influencer marketing strategies and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Companies such as E.ON, Apple, Adidas, Sky, Amazon and KFC all have ventured into influencer marketing. It is always a great time to step out of your comfort zone – so you can grow your business.


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