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Booty buddy influencer campaign
May 23, 2019

Football Influencers Or Professional Footballers – What’s Best For Your Brand?

As football fans, we are all consumers, influenced by the players we idolise. We are striving to better ourselves and become like those that inspire us. Earlier this year, Liverpool's…
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music influencers violinist tiktok
November 1, 2018

TikTok is Not Just for Music Influencers and Recording Artists

While a portion of the platform's creators are music influencers and musicians, there are a lot more influencers from a wide range of influencer niches on the platform. TikTok is…
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September 24, 2018

6 Influencer niches you never thought you’d see

There are over 50 prominent influencer niches in the influencer marketing field. And there are many more sub-categories of these niches. Influencer marketing is no longer an experiment. Many top…
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September 17, 2018

20 Top Brands Conducting Influencer Marketing Campaigns with Love Island Celebs!

Love Island Celebs and Future Influencer Marketing! Since its relaunch three years ago, Love Island has become the TV programme that grips millions of ITV2 viewers week by week, and…
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football YouTubers
Influencer Campaigns
September 3, 2018

Why Football Clubs are turning to Football YouTubers

Football YouTubers. It's not a new niche, but it is one definitely one that is growing rapidly. The audiences are growing and the profiles of these influencers are growing. Undoubtedly,…
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UK travel influencers
Influencer Campaigns
May 25, 2018

7 UK Travel Influencers making big movements in the industry!

UK Travel Influencers are taking the industry by storm! When it comes to the influencer marketing industry, travel remians one of the most prominent niches. Social media users from all…
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technology influencers pmyb
March 23, 2018

10 Popular Technology Influencers for your Campaign – Part 2

5. Erica Griffin 700k YouTube subscribers Erica Griffin is one of the biggest female technology influencers on the planet - and it’s easy to see why. Griffin is highly educated…
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