The rise of social media automation

Social media automation and bots are a worryingly popular go-to for influencers who seek to establish online authority. Companies are being fooled every day by their non-genuine high levels of interactivity and followers on social media. Giving the impression of high authority through post engagement, it can seem like an easy shortcut to an authoritative social media page. But is it all really worth it?


Facts and Figures

social media automation bots

At PMYB we set out to discover how much social media fraud was taking place through a small research study. We found that of 200 influencers, 63% admitted to either buying fake followers, interactions or being a part of groups where disingenuous comments are exchanged. The reality is that fakery is becoming the go-to method for competing in highly trafficked social media platforms.


Social media automation services

There’s a lot of software and services available out there for businesses or individuals. Month-long packages can be purchased for as little as $10. With the click of a button, you can amplify your interactions in no time. Fake likes, comments, and followers can superficially help grow your presence online, but a lack of credibility and authenticity hold these influencers back. As well as the companies who are being tricked.


Edgerank Score

Although automated bots may temporarily boost interactions, such engagement will not continue in the future and will heavily impede a page’s success. The number of users who visit, like or share content on a particular Facebook page, for example, will affect the Edgerank score. If most of the ‘fans’ are fake, automated bots, then true engagement with your brand will suffer and so will the Edgrank score. Facebook will consequently rank your page as being unimportant.


 Generating leads/sales

This will extremely difficult should the majority of your interactions come from automated bots. Paying for sponsored ads on social media will be a waste of time and resources as the audience you are attempting to engage with will not be real, active users. Bot automation will not necessarily result in stronger sales and a greater ROI. You can read more on the danger of ad fraud, which is stealing from the budgets of companies here.

social media automation


A better alternative for social media growth

Social media automation bots are not the way forward. To gain followers and increase interactivity other means are available – however, there is no magic fix as promised by certain software out there. It comes down to nothing new or revolutionary. Hard work, compelling content and a complete understanding of what your audience want will all help your social media presence.

It’s no instant fix, but instead, relies on consistency and above all good content – which all makes it far more worthwhile. Right?

Here’s how PMYB can help grow your social media authority, on Twitter in particularly.


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