Sky and Vodafone remove YouTube ads

Big Names Remove Their YouTube Ads

Google face a huge dilemma with the likes of Sky and Vodafone opting to remove their YouTube ads. Google executives must discover a way to deal with the growing problem. Extremist group video content is being placed by the YouTube ads of their biggest clients, therefore something needs to be done quickly.

Various major companies and government departments have jumped on the bandwagon as they wait for a solution including Sky, Vodafone and global banks. Google have a very difficult decision to make in terms of how their platform functions because they cannot afford to lose the budgets of such companies.

Some have suggested that Google needs to work harder and allocate more of their budget towards removing such material, however, the amount of time it would take to take a firmer grip on such content being published may really put a stretch on to their resources. Additionally, as YouTube ads are positioned together based on user data, regardless of the content makes things very complicated.


Google Executive Faces Questions

Google executive Mark Brittin is set to speak at the annual Advertising Week Europe event, which is currently being attended by major companies from the world of advertising. Sources predict that Mark will face a wave of tough questions regarding the issues. Such ads are being placed hate preachers and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Most worryingly, experts have estimated that extremist groups may have been rewarded with up to £250k because of this. Due to the way YouTube works, uploaders are able to receive close to £6 per 1000 clicks. And being close to the biggest companies only amplifies the reach of such extremist material.


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