We’re PMYB, an influencer marketing agency that specialises in three areas.


On average, generate 4 times the sales of normal influencers to rapidly grow your business.
We identify the top 3%, highest performing influencers with our unique scientific influencer vetting process.
Our Chromo-Influencers® rate highly against the 46 data points (Chromo-Factors) we find make consumers more likely to act.

See a PMYB Chromo-Influencer® campaign for the number 1 UK outdoor equipment retailer here.

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Social Amplification

Social_Amplification Influencer Marketing - Influencer

Your brand tweeted by the biggest social media accounts to drive major brand awareness.
Trend on social media for ultra-high levels of brand awareness.
Push your content out to millions of your target audience within a 24 hour time-span, to achieve your company objectives.

See an example of a Social Amplification campaign that we carried out for Apple Music here.

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Influencer/Celeb Services

High impact content to draw major attention within a saturated market.
Viral content that reaches millions for brand awareness and acquisitions.
Psychological triggers implemented to put your brand on the very top of the mind of your target market so they eventually act.

See a Creative Influencer Publicity Stunt we carried out with a UK Facebook celebrity here.

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Influencer Marketing Services

Social Amplification Services

Creative Marketing Services

PMYB, Influencer Marketing Company with an Edge

As time progresses you are wasting more and more of your online spend. Advertisers are estimated to lose $7.2bn to bot fraud alone this year (Source: ANA). Likewise, millions are being lost through the lack of knowledge about how to actually implement influencer marketing strategy well. Our team at PMYB is happy to educate you on how to avoid losing money through advertising, as well as steer you in the right way to maximize your ROI from your online spend.

Also, our unique position allows us to provide your company with a multi-faceted campaign to not only build your brand name but to bring in more loyal customers. Let us give you an edge over your competition by actually targeting the people who are going to spend money on your business! We can design an influencer marketing campaign that will bring in true results utilizing the best form of influencer, the Chromo-Influencer®. Get in touch here for more information and free advice.

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