Our Influencer Marketing Services

We're an Influencer Marketing Agency that runs disruptive influencer marketing campaigns for the world's leading brands.
We don't just say we will do something.

We guarantee results because we know what works best...

We customise each campaign to your requirements

Chromo-Influencer Campaigns

Full-service influencer marketing campaigns where the market research, creative strategy, influencer identification, Chromo-Analysis, influencer management, content creation and reporting is handled to exceed your KPI targets

Highly Scaled
Influencer Activity

Full campaign delivery and management of hundreds of micro-sized or macro-sized Chromo-Influencers to take your influencer activity to the next level


Long-term partnerships and regular quality content from relevant, authentic and loved Chromo-Influencers who are genuine fans and true representatives of your brand

Experiential Marketing

Outdoor pop-up and interactive, in-person influencer events to increase real-life consumer engagement

Our experienced campaign team deliver to exceed your KPIs

Creative Strategy

Creativity that unlocks the mind of your audience. Creativity that leaves a lasting impression. Creativity that makes your audience ACT

Influencer Identification
and Chromo-Analysis

The industry-leading Influencer selection process for identifying the most relevant and effective influencers, Chromo-Influencers. A tried-and-tested framework based off real-life campaign data that helps protect your brand from Influencer Fraud and achieve the highest possible ROI

Influencer Outreach
and Management

Reliable campaign management from PMYB’s experienced delivery team. A team which has formed relationships with thousands of Influencers from a growing network that exceeds 9,500 content creators

Content Creation

Crisp quality content and influencer performances that emotionally connect with your target audience across the most suitable social media platforms

And we measure meaningful data to assist your future missions

Brand, Competitor and Market

Insightful research to ensure every mission in your campaign is strategically implemented to make a difference to your bottom line

A/B Testing

No brand or campaign is ever the same. Strategic A/B Testing Missions to discover what influencer niches, call-to-actions, content styles, influencer types and other variables resonate most with your brand’s target audience


Targeted influencer display ads directed at people who have already visited your website after seeing the campaign’s influencer content on social media. Chromo Remarketing measures the true impact of your Influencer activity


Deliver accurate, customised campaign reports to record the metrics that suit your goals (including CPM, CPA, CPC, CPI, CPE, CTR%, CVR%), as well as consumer and influencer insights that improve your product, app or service

Your Objectives

Our goal is to achieve your company goals...

Raise Brand

Drive Consumer


Change Brand

Drive App


User-generated Content

Improve Brand

Drive Asset

Be creative with your approach.

Amplify your message.

Influence your audience.

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