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Psychological triggers in advertising

The mental associations that make consumers remember your brand is what contributes to your brand’s future success. As well as future clicks and views, these cues can factor into future potential sales and customer retention. So it’s something that every company and marketer should pay attention to. And these cues have been described as ‘psychological triggers’ which can be applied to not only films, books, tv shows but in advertising, including the realm of influencer marketing.

When carefully and creatively strategised, you can apply psychological triggers to your influencer marketing strategy. Your influencers can incorporate the psychological triggers that allow your brand to develop stronger and more sustainable customer relations in the future.


How psychological triggers work in advertising

Jonah Berger helped develop the theory behind psychological triggers in advertising. A familiar example Jonah likes to refer to when explaining psychological triggers is that of the hit song ‘Friday’.

Friday’s have never been the same since… Some suggest it was the ‘worst song ever made’. And it has inspired over 3 million dislikes, in comparison to 771k likes on YouTube.

However, it was arguably the most clever song ever made because of how many views it went on to accumulate. And psychological triggers played an important role in the song’s marketing success. The association between the song and the actual day of the week, Friday contributed heavily to its success. Interestingly, the song received over 90% of its hits on Fridays.

The combination of a dreadfully, catchy melody and well-implemented psychological trigger led to the success of the song.

Audiences were reminded of the song due to the association between the title of the song and the day of the week. As a result, alongside the terrifically bad performance by Rebecca Black, the marketing team behind the one-hit-wonder were able to attain an enormous 116 million YouTube video views.

You can watch the famous music video here.


Psychological triggers - 'Friday' Social Media Sensation Rebecca Black

‘Friday’ Social Media Sensation Rebecca Black


Trigger Activation – More ROI than you first thought

You have the times where you get a new signup or purchase, maybe two or three weeks after your last advertising campaign. You sometimes wonder.. ‘Where did that sale come from?’. There’s a good chance it came from a psychological trigger that was activated!

Simply put, not everyone is likely to act straight away when it comes to purchasing your product. Alike all advertising, influencer marketing is not always an impulse buy. A lot of marketers forget about this and expect all their sales to be immediate.

Despite applying tracking links, a lot of the time your sales will not be tracked. Just because a consumer likes a product they see an influencer endorse, doesn’t mean they want to purchase it that second. Many consumers want to come back to something when they have the time. And what makes them actually come back is likely to be due to psychological trigger activations.


Apply psychological triggers to influencer marketing

Psychological triggers enable marketers to amplify their brand awareness in the minds of those who witness the adverts. To apply psychological triggers in your influencer marketing campaign, you must associate your brand with something that people will often encounter. Psychological triggers are a key component of any viral marketing strategy.


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