National Lottery Good Causes Awards Influencer Campaign

“Unlike some other agencies, when you say you will do something or get something done by a certain time, you actually do it”

(The National Lottery)

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The National Lottery Good Causes Campaign Objectives

PMYB partnered with the National Lottery Good Causes throughout 2017 and 2018 to educate the target market on their amazing projects. In the 2 years we have helped our client achieve multiple objectives.

Mission 1 – Raise awareness of projects funded by National Lottery Good Causes.

Mission 2 – Increase Award nominations from 18-25 year olds within the UK.

Mission 3 – Document the National Lottery Awards through Chromo-Influencers.
(The event aired live on BBC One)

Target Market

18-25 year olds in the UK.

PMYB’s Solution

In our partnership with the National Lottery Good Causes thus far, we have collaborated with family influencers, tech influencers, lifestyle influencers, and YouTube vloggers to highlight the inspiring projects that the National Lottery has funded. We have so far sent 14 of the most relevant, well-established Chromo-Influencers to the funded projects and to the BBC National Lottery Awards. In doing so, we have made millions of people aware of the fantastic things the National Lottery do for people within the UK.


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We helped the National Lottery to become the 8th Most Improved Brand for Millenial Mentions (YouGov)

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