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PMYB unleashed the #PartyTricks logo

The app is a Global Video Community that millions of people around the world use to creatively express themselves and communicate with friends.’s Campaign Objectives

  • Raise the brand awareness of across the UK
  • Increase the app userbase
  • Improve engagement within the app
  • Change the perception of the app, from a ‘musical’ video sharing app to a global video community that allows people to communicate with others, express their creativity and live their passions (including music, comedy, gaming, sports, fashion, food and more)


PMYB’s Solution

PMYB designed a digital strategy based around the #PartyTricks hashtag, in order to generate user-generated content on a mass scale and increase engagement on the app. By encouraging the target market to download the app and perform their own party trick, the #PartyTricks hashtag trended worldwide.

To achieve the campaign objectives, the PMYB team selected and fully managed social media vloggers from 3 influencer niches.  We identified 8 Chromo-Influencers®, who belonged to the Comedy, Sports, and Gaming niches (Chromo-Influencers® are the top 3% of influencers that rate highly against 46 data points that we have found to impact conversions).

Within several weeks, the 8 Chromo-Influencers® posted 193 pieces of content, in the form of YouTube videos, Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, Twitter posts and videos.

In doing so, we drove over 60,000 consumers to the app, majorly increased engagement within the app and achieved the incredibly low CPA target that assigned to PMYB.



Targets Achieved

Video Views
Link clicks
Pieces of Content

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