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Micro Influencer Marketing – Iceland Case Study

Influencers have been the go-to for a number of years, however through our experience talking to various clients we have found a growing focus on micro influencer marketing. Micro influencers are one of the influencer marketing trends we have identified to be in high demand for 2017. Micro influencers tend to have between 2,000 and 20,000 followers. However, we tend to utilise smaller influencers that have up to 50,000 followers when conducting micro influencer marketing campaigns for our clients. You can learn more about micro influencers here. A lot of brands are opting to use micro-influencers instead of big influencers and celebrities. An example of a brand that did this, was Iceland.


Micro Influencers more engaging?

Markerly did a study by looking at 800,000 Instagram accounts and looked at the rate of engagement (in the form of likes and comments). They found that the rate of engagement dropped as the number of users increased. This highlights further the power of using micro-influencers.

Iceland took note of this trend and used their marketing budget to target a high volume of smaller influencers.


Celebrity VS Micro Influencer Marketing

Iceland used to use celebrities such as Peter Andre, Michael Buble and Stacy Solomon for their adverts. However, they were recently replaced by working with Channel Mum on YouTube and micro-influencers. As a result, they are now able to promote their products in a more authentic and influential way.


Iceland Micro Influencer Marketing Campaign

During Christmas their campaign involved asking vloggers, who previously avoided the supermarket to have a rethink of their opinion on the stores by outlining their thoughts in a video.

A poll on mums showed 35% of them trusted online videos, rather than other forms of media. Television came second at 31% and the government third at 28%. Iceland’s target market was mums, so using micro-influencers in that area as well as targeting a medium that mums trusted, made sense for them.

TV advertisements can only give so much insight, while vlogs offer complete opinions and stories behind brands. Bearing that in mind, it demonstrates why a lot of companies are replacing some of their traditional TV marketing budgets with influencer marketing, and micro influencers, in particular.

micro influencer marketing food-healthy-vegetables-potatoes


The Conclusion

The micro-influencer campaign was such a success that Iceland announced they were going to do the same with fathers. They are planning to have 36 new videos from a male perspective. Undoubtedly, micro influencer marketing is a hot topic and we are looking forward to its rise in the marketing world.

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