real-time marketing
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February 8, 2018

How Brands Can Benefit in Real-Time Marketing with Influencers

Brands have discovered the benefits of real-time marketing for nearly a decade now.  It was probably most visible in 2013 – 2014. Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie at the 2014 Oscars is…
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target generation Z
Influencer Marketing TipsMarketing Tips
December 18, 2017

How to target Generation Z consumers with influencers in 2018

Target Generation Z in 2018 As 2017 draws to a close, everybody is looking towards the new year. The dawn of 2018 will bring new targets and new challenges for…
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internet advertising statistics
Influencer Marketing NewsMarketing TipsPPC
November 2, 2017

Internet advertising statistics – How Influencers have changed marketing!

Important Internet Advertising Stats for Marketers Here we cover various Internet advertising statistics that are hugely important for marketers (100% of the statistics in this article are in bold). These marketing…
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Twitter Analytics
Marketing Tips
September 22, 2017

A Guide to Understanding The Twitter Analytics of Your Influencers

Twitter's engagement rate continues to grow, although their ad revenue is in decline. Have you chosen to use Twitter as part of your marketing strategy? You could opt to operate…
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Making Campaigns Viral
Marketing Tips
May 19, 2017

How to Make Your Own Viral Campaign | Influencer Marketing Agency

You have a product or idea you want to build a marketing campaign around, and things are looking good. The trick, however, is how to turn your content into a…
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