Banner ads have been the go-to method of digital marketing for some time now, but the game has changed. You need to be aware of the marketing dangers surrounding the constant rise in the use of ad-blockers.

In 2016 ad-blocking surged by 30% with a total of 215 million devices blocking ads worldwide. For this reason, marketers must adapt to prevent the potential consequences this may have on ROI.

marketing dangers ad block


Marketing dangers – Why more people are using ad-blockers.

The Security Risks

One of the most notable reasons for installing ad-blocking software on a device is security. A US poll found that 30% of people said that malware or viruses were their main concern and reason for using ad-blockers.

Interruption Issues

The next most cited reason is interruption whilst surfing the web. In a study, statistics have shown that 91% of respondents agree ads are generally more intrusive today than they were 2-3 years ago. Likewise, pop-ups frustrate users where they are required to find an ‘x’ to close it down.

Load Time and Bandwith

Ads can heavily slow down the time in which it takes a web page to load. According to Google, 74% of people will abandon a mobile website that takes more than 5 seconds to load. As a result, this waiting period could lift your bounce rate, decrease your website hits and potential ad clicks.


A more efficient way to advertise – Influencer Marketing

Everybody knows influencer marketing has become increasingly popular with marketers. As the number of influencers grows across multiple platforms, so does the opportunity for marketers to utilise them.

The word-of-mouth adoption marketing can help marketers fulfil various goals.

Trust and Authenticity

Trust, the foundation of any marketing campaign. Ads don’t attain the desired ROI when trust levels are low. 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers say they trust influencers over traditional celebrities. Influencers have more intimate relationships with their audience than other mainstream figures.

ROI from your spend

The lack of ROI in banner ad campaigns due to the intrusive nature remains another problem for marketers. The average click-through rate of banner ads across all platforms is 0.06%. Business’s on average generate $6.50 for every $1 within influencer marketing. Therefore influencer marketing provides excellent value for money and can help to ensure a great ROI.

Influencers can educate

If the product being sold is particularly challenging to use or if the purpose or USP is not clear, an influencer video tutorial could dramatically help clarify this and in turn, increase sales.

SEO Authority

Through viral videos, shares and video backlinks, you can help massively boost the SEO of your website. Having a popular influencer endorse your brand leads to it being discussed on other platforms. As a result, you could drive high waves of traffic to your website.

Counteract Negative Feedback

Bad press and negative product reviews are obviously very damaging to your business. A positive review by an influencer can help to decrease the negativity and shape the audience’s view.

Avoid the marketing dangers

To get the most out of the available budget, you must adapt to any marketing dangers. Users are becoming increasingly aware and defensive over what they may deem intrusive ads. By using influencers to market with trust and common interest, you can ensure that you avoid any marketing dangers. Learn more about the power of influencers here.


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