Goodbye Instagress (Influencer tool)

Instagram is finally cracking down on the fake automated account activity that plagues the social networking site. Instagress, a popular automated influencer tool that allows Instagram users to grow their account by automating fake comments, follows and more.

We’ve been screaming about the fake account activity which has been fooling companies for a while now. Influencers have been profiting off fake automation and the shutting down of Instagress is a great step in the purification of Instagram. Likewise, it is a very positive step in the purification of influencer marketing. Nonetheless, there is a long way to go in eradicating non-genuine automated account activity.


instagress - influencer tool shutdown

Recent screenshot from the Instagress website


The influencer tool and fakery issues

We recently wrote about how influencers are being affected and profiting off software’s such as influencer tool, Instagress. In fact, in our research study, we discovered that 63% of influencers have part-taken in the purchasing of fake followers, interactions or being a part of groups where disingenuous comments are exchanged. Influencer marketing remains in a troubling place. But there are ways around this which we will cover at the end of the article.


Fake followers crackdown

A few years ago, Instagram removed millions of bots that had been added to increase the follower counts of Instagram users. By increasing their follower counts, influencers are able to earn more than they could, due to their perceived social authority. Unfortunately, there are still millions of fake followers and bots and software out there that are masking the followers of influencers across the board.


Is Influencer Marketing worth doing then?

Yes, there is a lot of fakery and automation on social media. However, does this mean you should completely disregard influencer marketing in your digital strategy? Absolutely not.

Why? Because there are genuine influencers that have the ability to convert more of your target audience than others. And these influencers are called Chromo-Influencers®.


What is a Chromo-Influencer®?

PMYB Chromo-Influencers® are influencers that rate highly against 46 important data points, known as Chromo-Factors. This places them in the top 3% of influencers – essentially they are the high-performing influencers, that on average, are able to achieve over four times more sales than the average influencer.

Your main issue is identifying the influencers that are genuinely pulling in results. And that is exactly why we’ve developed this data-driven method of distinguishing what influencers are more likely to convert new audiences into paying consumers.

To enquire more about the PMYB Chromo-Influencer®, get in touch here so we can show you the study that backs up the latest innovation in digital marketing.


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