Some Instagrammers are reportedly producing Instagram posts, featuring the products of leading brands. However, the problem is that they are calling them sponsored ads, despite them not being paid by the brands. They are creating fake ads to dupe their audiences.

fake ads


But Why are People Creating Fake Ads?

By doing so, they are able to associate themselves with such highly reputable brands, in order to build their own personal credibility. Association is a very big contributing reason for the popularity of influencer marketing – Brands want to associate themselves with popular influencers and influencers want to earn money by representing leading brands.

However, with the popularity of the industry, makes it more challenging for brands to identify the most reputable and effective influencers for their brand. Everyone wants to be an influencer and many are looking for shortcuts. And that’s exactly why the PMYB team developed the Chromo-Analysis Influencer selection process to protect brands from the potential dangers and to help them achieve a high ROI for every influencer they use.



The Awareness of Influencer Fraud

As an influencer marketing agency, we know it’s our responsibility to enlighten brands on the dangers of influencer fraud, and how to avoid them.

So far, we’ve seen people attempt to fool brands by posing as influencers through various methods – two being purchasing followers and engagements to boost their numbers. However, a new addition to the problem of influencer fraud is the appearance of fake ads. It’s not as dangerous as the purchasing of fake followers and engagements, but it’s still something to be very aware of in 2019.

You can read more about the dangers surrounding influencer fraud here.


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