Instagram Story Adverts

Instagram Story Adverts Introduced

Instagram has now announced that they will begin to monetize their stories feature by showing Instagram story adverts. The adverts that are placed in between posts will be skippable. The advertisements will be up to 15 seconds long for videos and up to 5 seconds long for photos.


What are Instagram Stories?

A hot topic around the world, in August, was when popular social media network Instagram replicated Snapchat by introducing stories. The feature has been a huge success for Instagram. 150 million people are now using the feature – the same as Snapchat.

instagram stories adverts coming

Why wait to advertise?

This is a common trend in the tech world – a new feature or startup is released ad free. When the startup reaches critical mass, advertisements are placed on the platform. Instagram did this with their original social media network in general. They didn’t have adverts before but begun to show sponsored posts in-between timelines.


Instagram data to advertisers

Instagram is also allowing businesses to see new data on how many people are viewing their stories. This is similar to what Twitter did before they started monetizing their platform. They introduced Twitter Analytics that provided more data on tweets, which helped future advertisers. No doubt this will aid companies seeking to advertise using influencers.


When will adverts appear?

Instagram story adverts will begin next week and brands such as Asos and Universal have already signed up.


Monetizing Videos Trend

Companies are now starting to look to monetize videos on their platforms. Videos are now the focal point on social media. This influencer marketing trend will continue to dominate social media and highlights the power of implementing influencer videos to drive traffic and awareness around your brand. Influencer marketing videos can really deliver fantastic results.

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