Instagram Paid Partnerships Disclosure

Things have just got interesting. According to TechCrunch, Instagram has begun testing a new way for influencers and celebrities to disclose they are being paid for a sponsored post. The new ‘Instagram paid partnerships’ feature may hit the social media platform real soon. Instagram and other social media platforms are now making room for influencer marketing, which has become the most sought-after marketing strategy due to its value-for-money.

More and more large companies such as Apple Music, Adidas and Halfords have been trying out the magical marketing method, as of late.


Instagram Paid Partnerships


Social media influencers warned

Thousands of influencers that are being paid for sponsored posts have taken a lot of flack for their lack of ad disclosure. In particular, The Federal Trade Commission has recently sent letters to 90 influencers. Likewise, we recently wrote about how the FTC have warned Instagram influencers.


Ad disclosure for Instagram Paid Partnerships

Not to worry though, ad disclosure will not negatively impact your influencer marketing campaigns. Why? Because audiences can already tell they are being advertised to. Influencer marketing has been booming for roughly 3 years now and audiences can usually tell when an influencer is being paid.

Despite that, influencer marketing remains extremely effective. Influencer marketing can deliver an ROI over 900%.

In fact, the influencers that abide by ad disclosure are more likely to respect the influencers that do. We wrote about why influencer marketing regulation is not a bad thing here.

Similarly, audiences respect influencers that produce daily engaging content. Content that does not clog audiences feeds with advertisements. The occasional ad is fine but constant sponsored ads is a no-go! Due to this, we recommend only utilising influencers in your influencer campaigns that possess genuinely engaged audiences. Also, you should ensure that the influencers selected do not over-saturate their feeds with sponsored ads.


Chris Wilson, PMYB Director
Chris Wilson, PMYB Influencer Relations Director
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