Instagram Stories seems to have won the battle with Snapchat having attracted 400 million daily users. A whole range of different features Instagram Stories offer can be very beneficial to your brand, including the new Instagram Music Sticker feature. Last month Instagram released IGTV. But now you can now add more charisma to your Instagram daily updates and open a whole new world of conversations. I am sure you already know what we are talking about! The new Instagram Music and Question stickers are the some of the most adored features that have been introduced to Instagram users as of late.


How the Instagram Music Sticker can help to Transform your Brand.

The exciting Music feature is now available for Instagram stories, both videos, and photos. An Instagram user can choose from the variety of music tunes across different genres and music artists such as Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Calvin Harris, Guns N’ Roses and more. Facebook’s partnership with label records gives an opportunity to select the music track according to your mood or content type.

Influencers are now using the Instagram Music Sticker to improve their content engagement. The most creative influencers are producing professional, yet personal and entertaining stories, similar to a vlog in the form of a short video clip. The addition of music allows influencers to build more of an emotional connection with their audience. And these additions have had a positive impact on audience engagement.


How about an Honest Conversation with your Audience?

Another feature that Instagram freshly introduced to its users is Question sticker. You might be wondering how such a small edition on Instagram Stories strengthens the relationship with your followers. Here we go! Your Instagram Story can now become more interactive and personal.

When a question sticker is added to your Instagram story, your audience can submit questions for you to answer. For well-known bloggers, vlogging personalities, influencers, brands or those looking to learn from their audience, this update provides a great method of attaining audience feedback. Revealing what’s on your audience’s minds has become a lot more simple. Indeed, not only can you develop a more intimate relationship with your audience but you can also involve them in your daily activities.

For a business, the sticker could serve as an effective tool in getting to know customers and improve products or services. Marketing professionals and business owners are now able to find exact deficiencies in their products and what their audiences are thinking in general. Not only is this an innovative approach, it’s also genuinely helpful for businesses and it can easily be applied to your influencer marketing strategy.


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