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Instagram hashtags – to most everyday social media users, they’re like Marmite. You either love them, or you hate them.

However, for brands looking to improve their influencer marketing strategy, we all know there’s no question about it. Instagram hashtags help you to improve your audience reach. They are a very helpful tool that will boost a post’s engagement, and make an influencer marketing campaign more effective in the long run. In fact, on average, posts with at least one hashtag receive around 12.6% more engagement. That’s enough to transform the outlook of your campaign. 

There’s no doubt about it. Instagram hashtags can positively impact your influencer marketing campaign. So, if you want to run a successful Instagram campaign, you should consider using them.

But hashtagging effectively isn’t always as simple as it looks. And, if you use Instagram hashtags incorrectly, you could end up doing more harm than good with your campaign.

For this reason, it’s incredibly important to be careful with your Instagram hashtags, and know how to use them wisely. To help you out on that front, we’ve lined up some tips, to highlight exactly how brands should be using Instagram hashtags, especially in your influencer marketing campaigns.

So, if you’re a brand looking to launch an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram, look no further: we’ll show you how to make Instagram hashtags your industry ally.

how to use Instagram hastags


The lowdown on Instagram hashtags

In order to use Instagram hashtags effectively, it’s important to understand a little about more them, and grasp why they’re so vital to social media visibility. So, before we get started on our top tips for using Instagram hashtags, let’s take a closer look at the statistics.

According to recent social media research, top brands are definitely consciously using Instagram hashtags. In fact, 88% of brands use at least one hashtag in their Instagram posts. It’s clear to see that top brands are using Instagram hashtags in their social media campaigns – and not looking back. 

And, when we look at the impact of Instagram hashtags, it’s no wonder we see so many influencer brand endorsements popping up.

On Instagram, hashtags help to organise and categorise content. This, in turn, helps targeted audiences to find content that is relevant to them, through the Instagram Search function.

So, hashtags are an important part of discovery on Instagram. For brands, this means hashtags help to boost brand awareness amongst targeted audiences. In short, this means that Instagram hashtags help brands to gain more potential customers in an organic way.

So, that explains why so many top brands are opting to use some form of hashtag in their Instagram output. They ultimately boost the reach of content – which is a sure-fire way to make your influencer marketing campaign a success.

Now we’ve cleared up the benefits of using Instagram hashtags in influencer marketing campaigns – and established that many brands are keenly doing so already. Now, let’s take a closer look at exactly how you should be using them in your influencer marketing campaign to ensure optimum success. 


4 things to consider when choosing your Instagram hashtags


1. Choose your Instagram hashtags wisely

Before you begin a hashtagging frenzy, take the time to find the right hashtag for your brand and influencer marketing campaign. In past Instagram campaigns, too many brands have fallen at this first hurdle, by not thinking through their hashtag choice. Don’t fall victim to this too, and be careful with your Instagram hashtags.

If you don’t have a designated hashtag for your overall campaign, spend some time finding the perfect hashtag that sums up your brand and influencer partnership. But always check the hashtag before you use it. Above all, you should avoid using a hashtag with no activity (unless this is a new unique hashtag you are looking to represent your brand or campaign). If nobody uses the hashtag, nobody is going to see your content through it – and that’s a waste of a hashtag. That’s why it’s important to find a hashtag that receives a certain amount of traffic already. We suggest using shorter Instagram hashtags where possible, as these are more likely to be searched by others.

Having said that… A good hashtag should also not be too common. Popular hashtags – #nofilter for example – get far too much traffic, so your campaign could be lost amongst a sea of other posts. For these reasons, a hashtag with a moderate amount of activity to date is ideal. Even popular influencers with over 100,000 followers may miss out being on the most popular hashtag sections because of the highly competitive nature of certain hashtags.

2. Check your Instagram hashtags carefully

Lastly, before you definitely decide upon a hashtag for your influencer marketing campaign, give things a final look over. Ensure your chosen hashtag is not associated with a market competitor or another high-profile campaign. You should also check how the hashtag appears in lower case – after all, this has caused some nasty problems for brands in the past… 


3. Avoid a Hashtag Overload

So, you should carefully consider which Instagram hashtags to use. But you also need be careful with how many Instagram hashtags you use.

Why? Because whilst using some form of hashtag boosts engagement levels, too many hashtags can actually be detrimental to engagement. Recent social media statistics back this up. It turns out that when it comes to Instagram hashtags, you really can have too much of a good thing! 

Research shows that many tops brands have already caught onto this tip. A whopping 91% use just 7 or fewer hashtags per post. These brands are clearly trying to avoid going OTT with the Instagram hashtags. But why is this a sensible decision? Why exactly should brands avoid using too many Instagram hashtags?

Well, firstly, a hashtag overload could leave your influencer marketing campaign looking unprofessional. A sleeker caption with a few choice tags is preferable. It will keep your partnered influencers happy and will appeal to more consumers. Remember, Instagram users tend to find a hashtag overload irritating, as it resembles spam. This will not encourage consumers to invest their time into your campaign.

Also, the algorithms in Instagram penalize those that are over-using hashtags.

So, to keep your campaign looking sleek and to keep the consumers on your side, keep your Instagram hashtags to a limited volume. You’ll find that when you to stick to only using the most effective tags, you’ll still find your influencer marketing campaign reaches a much larger audience. 

Instagram hashtags


4. Pick relevant Instagram Hashtags

Speaking of using the most effective tags, you should also ensure your chosen Instagram hashtags are relevant to your influencer marketing campaign.

Avoid using irrelevant hashtags purely because they receive a lot of traffic. It won’t be the targeted audience you want to reach – which defeats the point of Instagram hashtags entirely! Irrelevant hashtags will also cause your campaign to look unprofessional and messy – which appeals to neither your influencer partners or potential consumers.

Of course, a solid influencer marketing strategy helps to humanize your brand. So, be sure to show off your influencer marketing campaign in your Instagram hashtags. If you’re partnered with top influencers, hashtag their names. This will bring more fans to your campaign.

You should also hashtag any special influencer events that are part of your campaign – for example, #meetup or #InstagrammerQandA. You can find a great example of Being to doing this in their Instagram influencer marketing campaign below. Ultimately, all of these types of Instagram hashtags will attract the right audience, and bring more potential customers to your Instagram influencer marketing campaign.


Rounding off our top Instagram hashtags tips

We all know just how effective hashtags are at boosting a post’s engagement levels – and therefore making an influencer marketing campaign a success. Using them is a no-brainer – just keep these tips in mind when producing your brand’s Instagram content. Remember to consider your Instagram hashtags carefully, and focus on only choosing the most relevant and most effective tags. As with most strands of influencer marketing, hashtagging effectively on Instagram simply involves a bit of careful forethought – and some social media strategy.

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