Instagram Bot Automation Crackdown

Instagram are moving quickly as they hope to keep conversation and interactivity on the platform as genuine as possible. Fake bot automation services have been popular for a number of years now and many have profited as a result. However, Instagram has stepped up their game and such services are likely to be eradicated pretty soon.

Last week Instagram shut down Instagress, former popular automated bot service for Instagram users. Ever wondered why there are constant comments throughout Instagram such as “Great Pic” or “Love this”? Well, it’s due to software’s such as Instagress.

And Instagram doesn’t look like they’re going to stop there. Instagram representatives have been debating the problem for years but action is currently being taken.


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Crowdfire got a similar treatment

Instagress is not the first bot automation service or social media growth software to be axed or lose its features. Earlier this year popular social media management tool CrowdFire lost most of its key Instagram features due to changes in Instagrams API developer policies. Prior to this year, users of CrowdFire (formally known as JustUnfollow) enabled Instagram users to identify users that did not follow you back, recent unfollowers, recent followers and various automated features for following and unfollowing other users.

Instagress becomes the latest bot automation services to lose its position in the industry. And we expect a lot more software’s and services to follow, as Instagram seek to purify their platform by reducing fake account activity.


What it means for influencer marketing

As stated earlier this week, the reduction of fake automation will only benefit companies seeking to implement influencer marketing. A lot of the fakery within Instagram will have been removed due to the popularity of Instagress. Although this won’t fix all the problems in Instagram, it’s a great step.

Expect a lot more progress to come in the near future in terms of the eradication of fake bot automation services.


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