Influencer Video Content – 14 Tops Tips!

We all know how powerful video is as a medium. It’s a useful tool for any business looking to crack the commercial market. But have you ever considered how vital influencer video content could be to your influencer marketing strategy?

Video content can transform an influencer marketing campaign – and play a huge role in bringing your business commercial success. So, if you’re a brand looking to target today’s market, it’s vital you know how to use video content as part of influencer marketing strategy. And that’s why we’re here to help.

influencer video content


In our last article, we highlighted 8 things you need to consider when you first start producing influencer video content (You’re reading part 2 of our 14 top tips. Want to see the first 8 important tips? Click the button below).

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Influencer Video Content – 6 More Tops Tips!

In part 2, we’ve lined up 6 more top tips to help you create more effective influencer video content – from content suggestions to last-minute video production advice.

9. Always track performance

Yes, it’s important to track any campaign’s performance. But when working on video content with influencers, you’ll find video analytics particularly helpful.

With regards to video content, it’s useful to see what kinds of video perform best – long or short videos, and on which platform. You can research the statistics on this in advance, but it’s helpful to see how true they are for your audience, and how they fit into your own brand’s campaign.

If you’re working with more than one influencer on video content, it’s also useful to see whose videos receive more views or engagements for the budget you spend. This knowledge will help you to move forward with your influencer marketing strategy. After all, you might want to collaborate on a different campaign in the future. By the same token, remember that brands are increasingly aiming to forge more permanent partnerships with influencers. These video analytics can help you decide which influencers make the best ambassadors for your brand, for more long-term future projects.

10. Use appropriate lingo for the audience

Video makes points easy to follow and understand. That’s one reason why video content makes such a great marketing tool!

With this in mind, you should avoid over-complicating the content unnecessarily. Keep the language simple and informal. Avoid complex jargon, and don’t ask influencers to read from a script. This makes it far more difficult for viewers to connect with your video’s message, and subsequently reduces the campaign’s effect.

Instead, let influencers do what they do best – communicate with viewers in a natural and relatable way. This is far more appealing to consumers than a blatantly scripted product endorsement – and ultimately far more successful at promoting a brand.

For a great example of this, check out this video collaboration between YouTuber Callux and dating app Badoo. Callux successfully endorses the brand, all while keeping his video content fun and casual. And the video doesn’t once stray into a formal advertisement for the business!


For 25 of the most popular YouTubers in the UK see here.

influencer video content

11. It’s all in the editing

Sometimes editing may not be appropriate depending on the platform. For example, Snapchat or LinkedIn video content may be more effective using a raw unedited version of your content. However, editing remains a huge part of video production and may suit your needs. If so, when reviewing your influencer video content, ensure it is edited carefully. Unnecessary background noise and lazy jump cuts can distract viewers, and even push them into clicking off the video – and that’s the last thing you want. A clear, professionally edited video is far more likely to connect with consumers and drive home a message about your brand.

This is why it’s so important to work with influencers who create professional video content. So, that’s one reason why should do some extensive background research before jumping into an influencer marketing campaign – once again, it should not be a rushed process. Retain your high standards with your influencer campaigns, and keep that video content looking polished. Clearly display your logo somewhere in the videos in a cleverly subtle way. As long as you clearly display its an influencer product placement then everything is fine.

12. Let the influencer shine

You’re implementing an influencer marketing strategy because you believe a social influencer will help to make your campaign a success… So, with that in mind, trust your influencers, and allow them to have a little creative control over the video content.

In fact, we believe it’s crucial to keep a certain level of the influencer’s flare in your campaign’s video content. Influencers know through experience what viewers watch and enjoy, so it’s important you listen to them when creating video content.

Don’t just treat influencers as tools to getting more views or public endorsements. They are valuable advisors who can help you tap into a different audience, and discover a new marketing platform.

Nonetheless also remember to get them to send it you before the publish it!

13. But still, retain your brand’s image!

Having said that, you should avoid relinquishing total control to the influencers. That isn’t a sensible influencer marketing strategy, and it won’t help you to produce the most effective campaign. You should always aim to retain a sense of your brand’s image in any influencer marketing campaign. And above all, do not lose your brand’s identity and authenticity in an influencer video campaign.

Again, this is why it’s important to carefully select influencers to collaborate on video content with.

You and the influencers should have a similar outlook, and a share a vision of the video content you want to create. So, a luxury holiday agency should aim to work with travel enthusiasts who lead desirable lifestyles. This will aid both you and in the influencers – it’s in both your interests to appear authentic to viewers. Some industries may be niche industries for influencer marketing so this may a little more difficult for you. For example, recently, PMYB have been given the task of fully managing two fintech influencer campaigns. There are a very limited number of popular fintech YouTubers in the world which has meant we have had to adjust their strategy to hit their target market effectively while keeping their brands authenticity and image intact.

To really keep your brand’s identity running through influencer marketing campaigns, be specific with influencers when providing direction for video content. Ensure that logos are clear on screen, and get brand slogans into the videos. All of these steps will ensure your brand’s style is retained in any influencer marketing campaigns, which can only help to boost your brand’s awareness.

influencer video content

14. Don’t forget to share it!

Video is an especially shareable medium. That’s one reason why video content is such a helpful marketing tool. An effective influencer marketing video campaign can spread like wildfire, and quickly boost brand and product awareness.

So, with this in mind, remember that the work doesn’t end with the completion of influencer video content. A big part of the process is sharing the content effectively, to enhance the campaign’s reach as much as possible.

This means sharing the video content amongst your brand’s contacts – perhaps on company mailing lists or through similar channels. But it also involves using influencers’ following to reach a wider audience. Encourage influencers to promote and share the video content, and do the same yourself. In the long-run, this will benefit both parties. The campaign itself will be more successful, and you’ll both receive more exposure for future projects. It’s a win-win situation! 

Want to find out more?

When placed at the centre of an influencer marketing campaign, video content can be an incredibly powerful tool. We know the successful influencer marketing video campaigns mentioned in these articles are proof of that!

Sure, it definitely takes a lot of work to blend influencer marketing and video marketing. Both are delicate marketing approaches, that require a great deal of planning and investment to be effective. Brands will also need to be creative and forward-thinking, in order to forge influencer relationships and to create engaging video content. But when you get this balance of right, the results are totally worth it! In many cases, influencer video content truly is the answer to a successful modern marketing campaign.

To learn more about how to make influencer video content a success, check out some more great video marketing advice here. Or get in touch with us at PMYB today, to hear more about our influencer marketing agency and the services we offer.


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