Influencer Campaigns with YouTube Vloggers

PMYB have a large network of influential YouTube vloggers that we work closely and creatively with. Some of which are the most powerful influencers worldwide. Video remains the most engaging online medium. So, if you want your prospects and customers to retain the information you provide them with, vloggers are one of the best ways to go about it. PMYB can also put together the most exciting videos and distribute them to millions of people nationally or worldwide using our bespoke amplification software.

From simple mentions, attention-grabbing publicity stunts and viral challenges to scripted narrative videos with elite influencers. With our concepts, we like to go the extra mile when making noise on social media. Likewise, driving consumers via content that has viral potential is our speciality. As well as all this, we can create engaging content in any location with our elite influencers, including experiential events. This includes sending them to other countries and getting them to participate in eye-catching campaigns.

Eye-catching campaigns that evoke emotion in your target audience. From bungee jumping or attending sponsored events, to practically anything that will grab the attention of your consumers. In today’s digital world, with almost 65 percent of your audience being more visual learners, the best way to engage them is through visual content. If you’re looking to reach and impact your company’s target audience via YouTube vloggers, PMYB will certainly make it happen. Please get in touch here for any enquiries.

YouTube Facts & Figures

It is the third most visited site on the Internet

  There are over 40 million brand-related videos uploaded daily

  There are more than 4 BILLION views per day

  It’s the 2nd largest Search Engine after Google (and Google owns YouTube)

  78% of people watch at least 1 video on YouTube every week

  55% of people watch a YouTube video every single day

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Consumers love YouTube Vloggers!

The Power of YouTube Vloggers

Elite influencers that vlog form bonds with their audiences and are able to influence them as consumers. At PMYB, we believe that building an emotional bond between your brand and your customers is essential. Therefore, by implementing Youtube vloggers in your next campaign, you’ll be more capable of accomplishing that. No matter what type of business you have, YouTube vloggers are a proven way of making an impact and improving your online presence, as well as your brand authority through brand association.

Statistics show that 64% of viewers are more likely to buy from an e-commerce site after watching a video. This is just one of the reasons why YouTube vloggers are a valuable asset. Additionally, these vloggers will help improve your SEO ranking because Google places more emphasis on video content. As you know, Google owns YouTube at the end of the day.

Almost every established brand now work with vloggers on a regular basis to build awareness and to increase conversions. In fact, video content actually appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings and viewers are 64-85% more likely to be converted after watching a video. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why the best worldwide companies are collaborating with elite influencers that vlog.

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Elite influencers and Creative Concepts

There are MANY great ways that PMYB can work with YouTube vloggers to create customer loyalty and grow your business.

Vlogger Mentions

In the late 2000’s, the business world met a new method of online marketing called “vlogging”.

Since then, companies of all kinds have caught on and are realizing the positive impact that this sort of marketing can have on both existing and potential customers.

One of the most popular ways of doing this is through vlogger mentions.

By simply mentioning your brand, a particular product you sell, or service you provide, PMYB and the right vlogger can really help with boosting sales and exposure.

When trusted and respected vloggers talk positively about anything, people tend to respond by pursuing more information or making a purchase.

Elite Influencer Live Videos

Not too long ago, live streaming media was only a reality for major news networks and companies with a lot of bandwidth and the right tools. Fortunately, it is no longer that way today; in fact, you can now easily host a live video stream with everyday devices including a tablet, laptop, desktop, or even your smartphone!

Live interaction really does build a valuable relationship between your business and the viewers.

They feel more connected with such up-to-date engaging content that they can interact with.

PMYB can organise YouTube vloggers to convey your companies message via live video while taking into account potential risks.

Influencer Product Reviews

Utilizing YouTube vloggers for product reviews is another highly popular and effective marketing strategy. Reviews are helpful for increasing exposure, improving brand reputation, and growing your audience/customer base.

Even if you don’t make products, a review can definitely be done on whatever service it is that you offer.

Of course, the more information you provide to your audience, the more they will view you as an authority and someone they can count on.

An in-depth review can include specifications about the product, an explanation of how it works, and where to buy it at the best price.

PMYB can again assist with all of this!

Mobile App Usage

If you’ve got an app that you’re looking to market, we have fitting YouTube Vloggers to get the word out.

We can set up the perfect vlogger to use your app and post themselves using it on their own channel. As we’ve experienced in the past, such influencers can really fuel a quick burst of app downloads in a matter of hours.

Elite influencers and YouTube vloggers are the new mainstream media. We can specifically target your preferred demographic of people also. With their power of persuasion, they can influence thousands of people to download your app.

Need more proof?

See how we got our client, Grad DNA to the top of the Apple app stores here.

Offline Experiential Events with Vloggers

Positive brand experiences can be easily done with YouTube vloggers.

Companies are constantly seeking creative and innovative ways to connect with customers, and experiential events are an outstanding option for doing so.

Fed up with the cold, industrial feel of convention halls, many brands are now experimenting with alternative types of engagement to replace trade shows and other ‘typical’ events.

Add PMYB and vloggers to your campaign and you’ve got instant exposure.

Whatever it is you’re promoting, we offer unique opportunities to really grab attention and give your customer a great interactive and engaging experience with your brand in a public offline event.

Publicity Stunts with Elite Influencers

Publicity stunts have long been a marketing manoeuvre for brands that desire mainstream attention. Attention-grabbing PR stunts are often a great way to create ‘buzz’ about your brand.

PMYB also has experience in executing well-planned and carried out PR stunts to generate attention from the press and the public on social media. You can see how we achieved 10 million views in 48  hours for The Meat Man here using an elite UK influencer.

If you’re considering launching your own publicity stunt, PMYB can definitely help in this department. We work with established celebrities, professional YouTube vloggers and a lot more.

We can match you with the right influencer and publicity stunt that works best for both parties.

Alternative Vlogger Social Media Platforms

In addition to YouTube, there are also alternative platforms that we can target with vloggers. Social media presence is now a necessity for any company. At PMYB we can help implement a fully managed campaign to ensure you reach optimal results!


Facebook has been getting into video and expanding their options as well. In January of 2016, they announced that there are more than 8 billion video views and over 100 million hours of video watched on their platform every single day. In 2016 live video was also introduced.


Instagram is an immensely popular image and short video-based social network that is growing every day. Companies can benefit largely from working with vloggers on Instagram because of the huge audience, which is also increased by relevant hashtags.


While Snapchat may have started as a means to send pictures with an expiration date, it has become much, much more than that. It is difficult to find a vlogger who isn’t on Snapchat. The platform provides a really personal experience with vloggers.

Your YouTube Vlogger Campaign

With the collaboration and combined efforts of PMYB, our influencers and your company, we can come up with the most innovative ways to invigorate your advertising and online presence. Likewise, we can create a campaign that communicates emotion and builds trust in your audience.

Viewers often feel they have a personal bond with vloggers, therefore such vloggers can really positively impact businesses that seek endorsement from them. Successful and experienced influencers are authentic and sincere, so audiences are bound to bond with them because they feel that.

Vloggers have enhanced digital marketing skills and their influence over internet users worldwide is astounding. Each one represents a different demographic or lifestyle, and PMYB will help to connect your company with the YouTube vlogger that is most suitable while cementing a solid social media strategy.

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