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WOM marketing, otherwise known as Word of Mouth marketing is the most effective way to drive new consumers to your brand. PMYB delivers WOM marketing campaigns that serve the purpose of converting audiences into long-lasting customers. Undoubtedly, influencers have emerged as the most productive way of spreading your message. However, care must be taken as companies waste up to £6,000 just to identify one high-performing influencers. And that is why we use empirical methods to mitigate the risks of using ineffective influencers that won’t waste your time and money. Our WOM marketing strategies are designed to produce exponential results for organisations.

As high as 74% consumers cite word of mouth as a most important factor that would influence their purchase decision. PMYB excels at executing creative campaigns that provide you with high exposure online and offline utilising the highest performing influencers, PMYB Chromo-Influencers®. Only 7% of word of mouth happens online, therefore, WOM marketing is a very integral part of how we drive successful campaigns. Most of all, we have proved our ability to achieve outstanding results for our clients. As a result, you can count on the WOM marketing professionals at PMYB to drive your brand to the top of your industry. We make campaigns that inspire word of mouth amongst consumers.

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 Things we’ve done for clients!


 We helped Apple improve the  awareness of The 2017 Brit Awards

 10 million video views in 48 hours

 Over 22,000 app downloads in one week

 Sold out a student event on its launch night single-handedly

 Positive PR in 3 national newspapers

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The importance of WOM Marketing

WOM marketing, otherwise known as word of mouth marketing is becoming more and more important. And WOM marketing is quickly becoming a matter of necessity due to the rise of ad blockers and the decline in consumer consumption of branded digital ads. In a study, Nielsen discovered that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from others, compared to 33% that trust digital ads, such as Facebook adverts. As a result, influencer recommendations and user generated content have fuelled the rise of influencer marketing. As ad blockers continue to thrive and adapt, it’s almost becoming essential for you to get consumers talking about your brand.

Digital banners and PPC marketing are simply becoming less of a go-to and you also should also avoid them. 47% of online customers use ad blocker technology and these technologies are becoming more and more advanced. Consequently, companies are shifting their budgets to the realm of WOM marketing. Well-known reports found that 65% of brands made plans to increase their influencer budgets in 2016. And this outlines the growing popularity of strategized word of mouth marketing.

How we can execute your Word of mouth campaign

We have a strong network of over 9,500 influencers who drive consumers to converse with each other about brands on a daily basis. And we focus on a wide variety of influencers including celebrities, micro-influencers, PMYB Chromo-Influencers®, digital bloggers, YouTube vloggers and social media content creators. These individuals can significantly increase the brand loyalty of your consumers, in addition to your brand awareness. The combination of these influencers and our creative concepts help us to generate a significant amount of user-generated content for your brand. PMYB can put together a campaign to spark positive conversation about your brand from your target audience online and offline.

Our WOM Marketing Strategy Process:

  • In-depth research into your brand, your competitors and your audience
  • Selecting the right social platforms for your brand
  • Identifying the right influencers for your brand
  • Creative in-house meetings to plan a strategy that will bring in high levels of engagements, user-generated content and create conversations surrounding your brand online and offline
  • Fully-managed execution of the full campaign
  • Regular campaign updates and schedules provided throughout
  • Full reports and analysis of the campaign

We can guarantee that your brand will get the desired exposure it requires.

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Is there a downside in a Word of Mouth marketing campaign?

Although WOM marketing has many advantages, there are a few things that should be kept in mind while implementing your own word of mouth marketing campaign.

  • As your probably already know, WOM marketing campaigns can be very time-consuming.
  • It is extremely important to choose the right influencers for your campaign. Many influencer agencies go down the route of using influencers with fake followers, fake engagements and low influence. PMYB ensures that influencers we use are as valuable as the money you spend.
  • In addition, influencers should be in sync with your brand image. They should also exhibit enthusiasm for the campaign and be genuinely into your brand. A wrong influencer can do major harm for your brand if the endorsement does not appear genuine. At PMYB, we take the utmost care to pick only the right influencers for your brand. We thoroughly evaluate their personalities, audience and content to see if a match exists.
  • Tracking could pose an issue. PMYB will ensure that you will get a thorough reporting and analysis of your campaign. We also check the total awareness/noise a campaign has created.
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User-generated Content (UGC)

User generated content can be extremely powerful. Because of this we sometimes encourage user-generated content by utilising a high volume of micro-influencers to make things catch on. Using 10, 20, 50 or even 100 micro influencers that love your brand we can really improve the levels of traction and awareness of your brand. In addition to the authenticity of your brand, as a result of using these smaller key individuals.

Getting your consumers to talk about your brand, not only raises the awareness of your brand but allows consumers to act as brand ambassadors. This encourages interactivity from your target audience and gets them talking about your brand in the real world.

If you’re interested in collaborating with PMYB to make the content-fuelled word of mouth marketing campaign, our creative marketing experts can put you together with a strong proposal consisting of key concepts and key influencers that are aligned with your brand.

The potential to go viral.

Most current word of mouth marketing campaigns involve the use of social influencers. This is because; utilising social media influencers with highly engaged audiences requires considerably less effort in comparison to traditional WOM marketing strategies. They allow you to achieve an exponential reach as and when the message spreads further. Also, there is literally no ceiling to these campaigns. Our emotion-evoking content makes brands trend due to effective product placement.

Primarily, selecting the right influencer for your brand is potentially the most important part of the process. Over 90% of influencers are useless, and it’s all for show; you need a strong strategy for identifying. Browsing Instagram or Facebook isn’t enough. People who follow these influencers also have a definite trust in them and the acceptance and adoption of the marketing campaign might be much higher. Once your brand is featured by these influencers, word-of-mouth may start spontaneously and can lead to a good organic growth for brand awareness.

As per Salesforce, it takes 6 to 8 touches to generate a viable lead. Since consumers are no longer as passive to traditional forms of marketing, therefore their level of engagement and conversion is reduced. While when they are exposed to an endorsement through a  Chromo-Influencer® through word of mouth, the chances of a high conversion rate grow. Nonetheless, PMYB Chromo-Influencers® are the type of people you want to endorse your brand, and the process of identifying them is not as simple as it sounds.

Ready for your WOM Marketing Campaign?

We can design a WOM marketing campaign that brings in true results utilising the best form of influencer, the Chromo-Influencer®. We have found that on average Chromo-Influencers® are able to generate 4 x more acquisitions than 4 times that of a standard influencer. They rate highly against 46 important Chromo-Factors. Get in touch here for more information and free advice.

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