PMYB Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Everybody knows social media is where you need to be when building your brand. At PMYB, we deliver branded social media marketing campaigns utilizing the most powerful people online. Our network includes over 9,500 influencers across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Forums, and Blogs. Our creative social media marketing strategies and our network of influencers allow us to make powerful campaigns for our clients.

PMYB Social Media Strategy Process

Competitor Analysis

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How is your audience interacting with your competitors and what’s the effect of their social media campaigns? What can you do to surpass competitors in brand awareness and consumer loyalty? PMYB uses the best data-driven social media software to analyse your competitors online. This knowledge helps us shine a light on the strategy best suited to your social media marketing campaigns.

Concept Creation

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Certainly, our favourite part of the process is drafting powerful ideas that exceed your KPI’s and expectations. Our team of talented marketers have multiple in-house creative meetings to craft the most effective concepts. Making social media noise so not only your target audience but the world takes notice. These concepts are results-driven, therefore are put together based on whatever your goals are.

Social PR – Driving Engagements

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Undoubtedly, the best way to reach your target audience is collaborating with people they already trust. At PMYB, we connect clients with influencers to improve their brand’s social media presence. While doing so, we craft influencer campaigns that range from publicity stunts to social media takeovers and beyond. Nonetheless, our campaigns are always crafted to drive social media engagement for our clients, depending on their goals.

Social Tone and Nature

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We focus on protecting your brand’s image and personality through in-house risk assessment meetings. When you work with PMYB, we won’t try to reinvent the wheel for you. Instead, our social media marketing efforts will be tailored to your existing brand image and consumers. Due to our expansive influencer network, we can find people that align with your social tone and brand image.

Cross-channel Promotion

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At PMYB, our influencer pool includes bloggers, YouTube stars, celebrities, Instagram models and internet personalities that are active across the entire internet. Rather than focusing your social media efforts on one or two networks, we can deliver on multiple platforms. From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat and beyond, we have the influencers to help you really infiltrate the market.

Reports and Analysis

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Using the best social media listening software on the market, we monitor what customers and prospects are saying about your brand across the internet. We then use that information to derive key insights that can help you plot more effective social media marketing strategies. Our reporting and analysis will help you gain a more thorough understanding of your customers. As well as this, we will demonstrate how we have made a positive impact on your business.

Innovative Social Marketing Methods we implement

Social media marketing campaigns with an edge. Connecting brands with the right and most valuable social media influencers is our speciality at PMYB, but it’s only the first step. The next step is determining how to use those influencers to improve your customer base, as well as, the loyalty of your customer base. Here are just a few of the types of creative influencer campaigns we can help you implement.

Staged Publicity Stunts

One of PMYB’s most successful influencer campaigns ever was a social media marketing publicity stunt. Our client was The Meat Man, a fresh meat distributor that serves thousands of restaurants and customers throughout the UK.

For the publicity stunt, we got UK Facebook star and PMYB influencer Brad Holmes to prank his fiancée, Jen. The hilarious video involved fooling Jen into thinking she purchased a 500kg, £2,000 shipment of chicken. The resulting video received 12 million video views and over 246,000 social engagements. Read the full case study here.

The Meat Man publicity stunt is a perfect example of how PMYB can use relevant influencers to make funny, interesting, shocking, or otherwise viral content. We took product placement to another level.

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Driving User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a fabulous way to market your brand, improve your social media visibility and brand authority. The question is, how can you encourage your target audience to create mass user-generated content.

At PMYB, we can implement concepts that inspire consumers to create user-generated content. Due to the power of our influencers, we can drive your users to participate in the evolution of your brand. Hashtags, viral challenges, competitions and other methods are used to translate content into user content.

Wondering what this kind of social media marketing campaign might look like? Consider the successful hashtag campaign ran by Calvin Klein. Using famous Instagram and Tumblr influencer/celebrities — Justin Bieber and Lara Stone—they dominated these platforms in their industries. Each photo included the hashtag #mycalvins, which quickly went viral and sparked a massive social media trend. Statistics show that the campaign generated 25 million brand engagements worldwide.

Likewise, PMYB can help you generate maximum traction in a well-thought-out campaign to improve your brand’s social media presence and drive user-generated content. What we can also do is arrange for influencers to regularly post UGC made by your audiences to encourage greater levels of engagement with your brand. Such campaigns can have long-lasting lifecycles.

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Social Media Takeovers

Take your social media marketing to the next level by letting one of PMYB’s influencers take over your social account(s) for the day. A well-planned social media takeover can generate high volumes of attention due to the status of the influencers. In addition, it can deliver visible benefits such as improved awareness, followers, engagements, and conversions.

Social media takeovers are everywhere these days. An example of a powerful campaign was the 2016 collaboration between the City of Las Vegas and hip-hop star DJ Khaled. As the so-called “King of Snapchat,” DJ Khaled was the perfect influencer pick for Sin City, which was in the midst of trying to launch its own Snapchat account at the time. For 48 hours, Khaled switched back and forth between his account and the Vegas account, highlighting his favourite spots throughout the city. By the end of the campaign, Vegas’s Snapchat had gotten 400,000 views and 25,000 new followers—not bad for a brand-new account.

The DJ Khaled campaign wasn’t run by PMYB, but it underlines the power of the social media takeovers. Often, Instagram and Snapchat takeovers sound brilliant but don’t stick the landing on execution. Usually, the reason for failure is a vague plan. Deciding on a goal and content strategy—and getting the right influencer for the job—makes all the difference. PMYB can help you orchestrate a smart, well-planned social takeover that your followers—new and old—will remember.

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Running a Blitz with Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Sometimes, one influencer isn’t enough. If you really want to make a dent with your social media marketing campaign, collaborating with several of our influencers at once to run a “blitz” that dominates the social media conversation.

Recently, PMYB worked with Pom Pom, a brand new (and highly popular) nightclub in Nottingham. To help Pom Pom get the word out about their big opening night launch party, we ran a social media blitz. The client’s goal was to reach the target audience of 18 to 21-year-olds, so PMYB connected Pom Pom with 47 students and micro influencers in the Nottingham area to help get the word out. Each influencer posted about the Pom Pom launch night on social media and 30 of them attended.

The results were stunning. Our micro influencers reached out to over 240,000 young people in the city. Pom Pom saw very clear and immediate results, selling out their launch night event and picking up more than a thousand new Facebook followers. 47 influencers acting at once, instead of one acting alone, reached many people and raised awareness in a more cost-effective way than any other marketing campaign of its sort could hope to achieve.

Furthermore, a blitz like this increases the likelihood that prospective customers will see multiple posts about your brand from multiple people they trust, instead of just one or two posts from one trusted source. These multiple occurrences help pique interest, drive conversation (online and offline word-of-mouth) and put a spotlight on your brand and your product. At PMYB, with our huge network of influencers, we can help you plot, coordinate, and execute a successful social media marketing blitz.

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Experiential offline events pushed on social media

From pop-up stores to publicity stunts that promote your products and branding, PMYB can help you plan experiential marketing events that generate buzz and conversations surrounding your brand. With the help of our influencers, you can push these offline events on social media and create the kind of story that goes viral. In addition, we can assist you in making a customer experience that brings them closer to your brand. Experiential marketing events often get major press coverage after they’ve generated a certain level of online attention. Likewise, we can reach out to our PR networks to help your branded events attain widespread coverage.

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Your PMYB Social Media Marketing Campaign

PMYB can help you get creative and start thinking outside of the box with your social media marketing. The best social media marketing campaigns require more effort than just collaborating with a well-known influencer. The more creative your influencer social media marketing campaign is, the better ROI you will achieve. PMYB will assist you to help you earn the viral attention you’ve worked hard for with our creative team and our network of high-profile influencers. Get in touch here so we can set up one of your most productive social media marketing campaigns ever.