Micro Influencer Campaigns

At PMYB, as well as utilising the most popular people on social media, we can also create you a campaign that consists of a high volume of smaller micro influencers. We have a database of hundreds of micro influencer social media accounts that can make a positive impact on your brand.

Due to this, we can target particular regions that you would like to focus on. Micro influencers have genuine relationships with a higher percentage of their followers than popular influencers, therefore can be more effective in high volumes when endorsing your brand. In addition, user-generated content can produce 4x higher click-through rates (Source: Shopify).

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Micro influencers (Grad DNA campaign)

We can target anyone!

No matter who you are trying to target we can do so by using your actual consumers as your brand ambassadors. Who are you trying to target?







PMYB can make it happen. Working with PMYB you can easily target your consumers, using your target consumers.

 What are Micro Influencers?

Everybody has their own definition of what a micro influencer is. As a result, the understanding of what micro influencers are has become unclear.

In digital terms, micro influencers are people or even pages that have developed a substantial following (smaller following than an ‘influencer’) which is genuinely interested in them. Micro influencer campaigns typically contain micro influencers that have between 2,000 and 20,000 followers. Alongside such campaigns, we also like to include influencers with larger followings to work alongside these smaller micro influencers. They tend to be people or pages that have expertise in particular areas.

Nonetheless, micro influencers can be literally anyone. Whether it’s you, your neighbour, your friend, or anyone that has influence over the opinion, perception or attitude of someone else. You can see some of the young influential women whom we collaborate with, in the Instagram screenshot. They helped us take the Grad DNA app to the top of the global Apple app store.

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micro influencers (graddna)

Powerful Brand Ambassadors

  • Micro influencer campaigns with PMYB allow you to form large groups of brand ambassadors
  • Weekly or monthly posts from each micro influencer enables long-term benefits for your brand

Trusted Micro Influencers

  • 77% of consumers trust peer recommendations and reviews more than professionally written content
  • They are opinion leaders and have loyal followings – usually genuine personal relationships with followers

Dominate with content

  • Micro influencer campaigns allow for large volumes of content across social networking channel
  • Such content can be posted on you own social media channels, as well as the micro influencers’ channels

Micro Influencer Marketing Case Study

Pom Pom Event Case Study

A PMYB micro influencer campaign led to our client, Pom Pom Nottingham Nightclub making their launch night event a sellout. Pom Pom Nottingham wanted to use a high volume of micro-influencers in Nottingham to raise awareness of their launch night event.

As a result, we collaborated with 47 of our Nottingham’s most popular student influencers to build the hype surrounding the event on social media.

You can see the full details of this marketing case study here.

Micro influencer Pom Pom Case study

More Celeb Endorsement Campaigns

Yes, collaborating with multiple micro influencers is great for building your brand and influencing your target audience. However as mentioned above, the difficulty in working with 10, 50, or even 250 micro influencers becomes the time required. To organise and implement such a campaign takes constant communication and monitoring.

The micro influencer campaign process:

  • Strategy and concept creation
  • Finding the right micro influencers/influencers
  • Creating influencer communication process (informing them/negotiating fee)
  • Arranging the endorsement
  • Checking the content before posted
  • Ensuring no posting errors
  • Making sure the post stays posted
  • Prepare backups ready to contact
micro influencers on phone

All of this has to be done while monitoring every stage of the process with every individual you collaborate. Consequently, you can use up a lot of valuable time, instead of focusing on the core of your company.

In spite of that PMYB delivers fully managed influencer marketing campaigns that utilise micro-influencers, influencers, bloggers, vloggers and even national newspapers. You can save a lot of time and resources, as we have strong connections with over 9,500 digital influencers. Additionally, your account manager will work with you to put together a campaign that meets your objectives, brand image and budget. Regular updates will be provided throughout your campaign. Get in touch with us here if you would like us to create a personalised campaign proposal.

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Creativity is essential in the process

Every day we work with pride and passion, to ensure that our clients develop their brands in an innovative and creative fashion. Ensuring that your brand stands out from the crowd in this digital world of noise is our objective. Once you provide us with an outline of your campaign objectives, brand guidelines and budget the PMYB influencer marketing experts spends time putting together a strong proposal that will exceed your expectations. Fresh ideas that do not involve talking at the audience but focus on engaging and building your new audience.


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