What a digital influencer is to us

Digital influencers come in different forms. A digital influencer is a person that has developed a large, loyal social media following because of their expertise in a particular field. Alternatively, influencers come in the shape of social media personalities who are well-respected and admired by fans, just like a celebrity. In addition, some influencers are people who control branded pages and publish relevant content to their audience – we call the people behind these pages, content creators.

Nonetheless, every influencer has formed an emotional connection with their audience. And this is due to the regular interactions they have with their audience. And this explains why brands can really profit from these ready-made followings. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. Due to this, influencer endorsements allow brands to take advantage of and accumulate new loyal customers as a result.

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The Rise Of Digital Influencers

Everybody’s heard about the rise of digital influencers and the power of a well-executed influencer marketing campaign. PMYB has strong connections with a network of over 9,500 influencers. Professional influencers, micro-influencers, bloggers, vloggers, content creators and celebrities. Additionally, we have a talented team of marketers skilled in working with these digital influencers in creative ways that make noise.

Undoubtedly influencer marketing works, and this is reflected by the growing popularity in the field. Figures show that 85% of marketers planned to launch a campaign featuring an influencer in 2017. Also, this figure has increased by over 90 times since 2013. PMYB offers tailored fully-managed influencer campaigns that focus on innovative methods, using the most powerful digital influencers in the industries of our clients.

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What we’ve done with our Influencers for our clients

Exposure in 3 national newspapers!

App to top of app stores!

10+ Million video views in 48 hours!

25k downloads in 8 days!

Mass App Downloads

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Understanding the power of Influencers

When some people think of influencer marketing, they instantly picture one of the Kardashians or Zoella sharing Instagram snaps of themselves wearing the latest fashion or accessory. But, while that is one aspect of influencer marketing, there’s a lot more to it. The best influencers are people who are well known in a particular field or industry, have real knowledge and experience and have a large following or audience. So, in the world of fashion and pop culture, Kim Kardashian and Zoella both have a place as influencers.

On the other hand, those influencers may not be appropriate in terms of your budget and relevance to your brand. Nonetheless, there are thousands of influencers out there, many of whom we can utilise in your influencers marketing campaign. Everybody now knows the right influencers can dramatically increase a return on investment of any marketing campaign, in whichever industry. Provided, of course, the right influencer is matched with the right brand, in the right sector.

60% of marketers who already use influencers in their marketing campaigns plan on spending more on them in 2017. As a result, it’s important for you to make a push before your competitors take control of social media. We work with you to identify what you need, which influencers will work best to fulfil those needs and how the campaign can deliver the best result for you. We can easily send you the demographics of their followings. Additionally, we produce powerful concepts to maximise the potential of the ROI you aspire.

Our Creativity is what makes us different.

At PMYB we work hard to create the best influencer marketing campaign in the world. But, while there are numerous elements to any successful campaign, creativity is always the most important. We work to compliment your hard work and creativity with our own. No two of our campaigns are ever the same. And, while 75% of people think they aren’t living up to their creativity, we’re happy to be a part of the 25% that are.

We combine our creative flair and ideas to make sure every element of your campaign excites and engages your target audience. We’re excited every time we meet a new client because we love a new challenge. We always work hard to come up with new innovative methods of putting an influencer campaign together. We take on board your goals to produce the best possible campaign for your brand.

With consumer’s attention span falling to an estimated 8 seconds, we know just how important it is to grab their attention with something new, engaging and relevant to them. Our influencers know this too, which is why, when we work together, we always add a twist to our campaigns and give consumers something they haven’t experienced before. Our creativity really is one of our major strengths and when we build your influencer campaign you will see. We know that’s why our campaigns are so successful and our former clients agree too.

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We Know Our Influencers. Very Well

As stated, not only do we know our 9,500 plus influencers well, we also know their industries, what brands they are open to endorsing, their followers and their strengths (and weaknesses). The best influencer marketing campaigns are not produced by simply giving a product to an influencer. It might seem that way, but there’s plenty of hard work before we get to that stage! Influencers should be passionate about the brands they endorse so the endorsements come across genuine. Likewise, we know it is essential to work creatively with our influencers to bring out the best results. Our choice of considering the important elements your influencer marketing campaign requires is what sets us apart from other agencies.

The hard work and research we put into your campaign will be evident from start to finish. Influencer marketing allows you to make an impressive ROI of 6.85% per $1 spent on paid media. While we’re talking numbers, it’s also been shown than even micro-influencers are considered to be 10% more believable than the general public. You want your influencer campaign to stand out from the growing crowd and so do we. Our decisions regarding the selected influencers help make the differences that count. And those good decisions come from our diligent research, knowledge and understanding of our influencers, who they are and what they can help you achieve.

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We Select the Perfect Digital Influencers

We pride ourselves in linking the right digital influencers to the right campaign. And, it goes beyond considering the brand, product or service. We always look at the target audience too and consider numerous factors:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • How they consume news, updates and information
  • Prime time to target them

Our attention to your entire influencer marketing campaign, including the smaller details like these, are what set us apart from other agencies.

Over a number of years, we have formed great relationships with many great influencers, which allow us to do things with them that others would struggle to. The best influencers are busy people who get offers on a daily basis, so our existing relationships can make the difference.

PMYB has got the experience, knowledge, a great track record and a real understanding of just what it takes to build a successful influencer marketing campaign. We’re confident that your influencer campaign with us will ensure that you become one of the 89% of marketers who are happy with the content created by influencers, as well as one of the 77% that are impressed with the engagement levels influencers achieved for their brand.

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Tailor-made Fully Managed Influencer Marketing Campaign

With influencer marketing revenues on Instagram alone, estimated to be worth $570 billion in 2016, we offer a service that can significantly improve your ROI. While some agencies might operate a one size fits all, kind of ship, that’s not the business we are at PMYB. We know that each brand, product and service – and the people behind them – have their own, individual identity. It’s by successful portraying that individuality and expertise – as required – that can really super-charge your influencer campaign.

Yes, the influencers we select for you plays a huge part in the success of your campaign. However, making sure that influencer sets the right tone that shows the best of your brand and makes a lot of noise are also key elements that contribute to a successful influencer marketing campaign. These elements make up a key part of our initial campaign strategy. And they factor in you’ll being amongst the 94% who think it’s an effective strategy. Our experience, stable of influencers, creative talents and track record are all factors that contribute to your future success.

To understand more about how we can create your influencer campaign, get in touch here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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