What are PMYB Content Creators?

PMYB Content Creators are influencers in the form of non-human branded or parody social media accounts. These accounts typically focus on one specific industry, such as football, fitness, fashion, cars, travel, lifestyle and more. The people that manage these branded pages post interesting content that is relevant to a specific industry on a daily basis, therefore they are able to build engaged followings of a specific target audience.

Due to this, they are a great platform for marketers to raise brand awareness across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. PMYB works with hundreds of content creators, many of which we manage using our bespoke software. PMYB can supercharge your brand by placing your brand in front of 50M in under 24 hours.

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grumpy mourinho (content creators)

Jose Mourinho Parody Account (@GrumpyMourinho)

Raise your Brand Awareness with Content Creators!

 The power of content creator pages

The best content creators in our network have millions of followers which they have built, as a result of interesting, relevant and regular content. Human influencers can be more effective in call-to-action, however, pages can sometimes be as effective depending on the social media account. Nonetheless, these influencers are very effective in raising brand awareness because of their large loyal followings.

Chris Wilson, Co-founder of PMYB begun as a content creator himself, posting relevant football content to attract engaged football fans on Twitter. In doing so, he was able to fund himself through university by raising the brand awareness of football brands. In 2013, Chris went on to create a football membership website, that made over £10,000 net profit in its first year. How? By solely getting other content creators (such as @IndyKaila, football news content creator) to share his brand with their followers.

Content creators - indykaila

Content Creator Campaign

PMYB can deliver a very personalised campaign for your company at an affordable budget. Utilising the most valuable accounts/pages across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook we can effectively raise your brand awareness through our Social Amplification Service. Content creators provide a great service and can act as brand ambassadors in your influencer marketing campaign. Want to include influencers in your next influencer marketing campaign? Get in touch with our marketing specialists here.