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Innovative Celebrity Endorsement Strategy

PMYB offers you the chance to enlist the most influential celebrities to promote your brand, raise brand awareness, and generate sales. Boasting a network of 9,500+ influencers, we can directly connect you to an A-lister in your industry. Our growing network also has strong connections to high-end celebrity networks, raising your chances of enlisting the right star you want to represent your brand – Your perfect celeb endorsement. Everyone knows the perfect celebrity endorsement can be great for positive brand associations. You can get in touch here to find the right celebrity endorsement or celebrity sponsorship for you.

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 Celeb Endorsement Benefits

Brand Association Authenticity

Associating your brand with celebs helps establish and install brand authenticity.

Improved Brand Awareness

Also, celebrities typically have a high volume of social media followers that appreciate them.

Strong Emotional Connections

As influential individuals, celebrities can bridge the emotional gap between brands and consumers.

New Clientele

Penetrating markets can be very difficult, especially for new brands. However, A-listers have the power to convince their followers to try your products and services. It will raise your profile tremendously.

More Sales and Stock Returns

HBS reports that high-profile celebrities can generate $10 million in sales and 0.25% higher stock returns. Also, these increase as a celebrity continues making notable achievements, such as winning awards.

Enhanced Brand Attitude

Celebrities have the power to influence brand attitude in a positive way. Additionally, their testimonial adds credibility to your offerings and inspires their followers and fans to follow their lead. Likewise this can lead to increased UGC.

Successful Celebrity Endorsements Examples

Still not convinced? Savvy marketers may want more than just celebrity endorsement facts. So, here are a few detailed examples from renowned brands to prove how effective using our celebrity networks can be for you.

Chevrolet #BestDayEver Campaign

Chevrolet wanted to launch a campaign to hint that something big was coming its clients’ way. It chose April 1st, 2015 to make it the best April Fools prank ever. Alec Baldwin, Ian Somerholder, Nikki Reed, Norman Reedus, and Olivia Wilde surprised college students across the country by posing as their substitute teachers.

Within the first 24 hours of the campaign, the videos, selfies, reaction videos, and editorial articles generated more than 1.5 million likes and shares. In addition, these numbers don’t include the videos, images, and messages students themselves shared about the #BestDayEver.

Celebrity endorsement - Celeb endorsement - Chevrolet

 Samsung’s Oscars Selfie

In 2014, the host of The Oscars, Ellen Degeneres took a selfie photo with a group of stars using a Samsung Galaxy Note. The picture went down in social media history, receiving three million retweets in just two days.

It was also touted as the perfect product placement as 43 million viewers watched the stars snapping the photo during the event. Analysts estimate that Samsung, which was one of the event’s sponsors, generated between $800 million and $1 billion from this picture alone. Undoubtedly a powerful celeb endorsement.

Celebrity endorsement - Celeb endorsement - Samsung Selfie

 Taco Bell’s Snapchat Takeover

Taco Bell tapped Snapchat celebrity Shaun McBride, a.k.a. Shonduras, to promote its Cap’n Crunch Berry Delights. By taking over the fast food chain’s Snapchat account, he managed to get the message across to his 100,000+ followers.

While the results of this campaign weren’t shared, Shonduras’ collaboration with Taco Bell was probably a big success. Taco Bell engaged him in its Super Bowl 50 campaign, resulting in 40,000 pre-orders of its cheese-stuffed chalupa.

Celebrity Endorsement - Tacos

More Celeb Endorsement Campaigns

 Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins Campaign

CK debuted a campaign to promote its underwear in 2014. As a result, 179,000 photos with the tag #MyCalvins made their way to Instagram. Inspired by an early 1990s campaign, the 2014 campaign featured Justin Bieber and Lara Stone. However, it expanded beyond these two to an impressive group of influencers who posed in CK underwear.

The influencers ranged from fashion bloggers like Aimee Song to music stars like Fergie. Together, their efforts generated 3.6 million additional followers from all over the world. One very powerful celebrity endorsement.

Celebrity endorsement - Celeb endorsement - Calvin Klein

 UN Women’s HeForShe Movement

Non-profits can benefit immensely from celebrity endorsements too. Developed by UN Women, the HeForShe movement aims to engage men to achieve gender equality. The campaign was launched following a September 2014 speech by Emma Watson at the United Nations.

The hashtag #HeForShe, which was used most by Watson herself, generated 1.1 million tweets from over 750,000 users.

Celebrity endorsement - Celeb endorsement - Gender equality

JBL’s Headphone Campaign

Relaunching its #CordFail campaign in 2015, JBL enlisted Vine celebrities to engage users across six platforms. The main idea of the campaign was to highlight the potential danger of using corded headphones. During the span of 33 days, Arantza Fahnbulleh, Jerry Perndrank, Edwin Sanchez, Josiah Early, and Nik Keswani engaged their followers to come up with original as well as creative concepts related to the campaign.

They even created content based on some of those ideas. As a result, JBL’s CordFail campaign received 3.3 million social engagements. The brand itself succeeded in attracting over 5,000 new fans across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, and Vine.

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 Your Celeb Endorsement Campaign

Undoubtedly, celebrities are powerful influencers. However, brands hesitate to choose them to market their brands because of fears such as:

Higher Costs – Some celebrities can cost up to six figures for a single endorsement.
Overexposure – Also, their audiences may believe that they’d endorse anything for money. Careful celebrity selection is necessary.
Overshadowing Brands – Stars can shine too bright, overshadowing your brand and products.

PMYB can help you overcome these and get the results you need with our network of 9,500 influencers that includes celebrities, bloggers, vloggers, professional influencers, micro influencers and content creators.


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