SEO Blogger Outreach Services

At PMYB, we excel in providing our clients SEO Blogger Outreach services that are outside the box! As well as being an agency that collaborates with the most powerful bloggers on the internet, we craft robust well-executed strategies. In addition to getting brands in front of millions of their target audiences, we do it in the most innovative ways.

As a result, we can deliver results that others simply cannot. With a very strong network of more than 9,500 influencers, you can expect vast exposure and impact. Collaborating with the most trusted and popular bloggers in their field, we can guarantee you positive results. Not to mention the most quality backlinks to boost the SEO of your website.

In addition to bloggers, we also have a very wide network of YouTube vloggers, social media personalities and more that we can include alongside your SEO Blogger Outreach Campaign. They can be great ambassadors for your brand with their huge followings and their power to influence. Nonetheless, matching your brand with quality bloggers is only the start of our process.

The Power of our Bloggers

While content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads. Yet, blogger outreach is one of the most underestimated methods of marketing. Most marketers ignore to notice how effective blogger outreach can be. However, it performs well with a robust content marketing strategy. Did you know, blogs are the third most influential digital source for consumer purchase decisions? If executed well, such a campaign can have the potential to produce outstanding results. Being one of the trickiest ways of marketing, blogger outreach program requires great networks and skills. Blasting bloggers with a mass mailer to blog about you will seldom get any response. Hence, all aspects of blogger outreach program should be well thought and strategized in detail before execution. Get in touch here so we can deliver a powerful campaign as described.

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What is a Blogger Outreach Program?

Typically, a blogger outreach program involves getting prominent bloggers in your industry write about your brand, products or services, usually in exchange for a monetary benefit or free products or services. This requires you to continually engage with these bloggers and reach out to them in a timely manner so that they can write about you. However, PMYB can save your time by quickly organising the endorsements in a  rapid fashion. Blogger outreach is a great way of spreading the message via word-of-mouth. 92% of consumers around the world say that they word-of-mouth recommendations above all forms of advertising. In spite of this, customers acquired through word-of-mouth show a 37% higher rate of retention.

Since word-of-mouth marketing (WOM marketing) is so effective, blogs provide the perfect platform. Additionally, the content bloggers produce, give you a good idea of whether the readers are your target consumers. All of our bloggers are very passionate about their subjects. Most of all, being the most trusted people in their domains also gives our bloggers an edge. That trust drives action in their communities.

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How our SEO Blogger Outreach Services will help

Companies that blog receive 97% more links to their websites. Additionally, 77% of marketers are building their brand’s influence through blogger outreach services. With over 65% of bloggers surveyed as being contacted several times a week by brands and agencies, we offer a great blogger outreach solution for your company. There are a number of reasons how we have made our name:

Blogger Credibility

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It is easier for businesses to latch on to the popularity, credibility and trust of our bloggers rather than running a marketing campaign from the scratch. Likewise, bloggers have already established themselves in their industries and save you from having to do so.

Loyal Audiences

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Our skilled bloggers work extremely hard to maintain their reputation having also built a loyal target audience. Additionally, we can target any audience demographics you prefer while finding the right bloggers for you and your brand.

Valuable Insights

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Most experienced bloggers can add huge value to your company in terms of sales and leads. In addition, valuable marketing lessons and insights providing you with useful data. Our marketing team can also tailor the campaign as per how we feel the audience may respond.

Why SEO Blogger Outreach Services are Important

Consumers seek approval and this is why word-of-mouth marketing is thriving. Influencer marketing and SEO blogger outreach campaigns are essential to compete.

  • As per Hubspot’s State of Inbound report 2016, when looking for information for business purchases, 45% respondents trust customer references. Buyers rely heavily on consumer reviews before making purchases. In this digital era, most of the consumers go through several reviews and blogs about your products or services before saying “Yes, I do”. Banking on a robust blogger outreach program hence becomes critical for your business so as to have great product or service reviews. Another data to reinforce this is PwC’s Total Retail Survey 2016. 32% of the millennials (and 20% of others) surveyed used their mobile phones to check reviews of the product or the seller before making purchase decision whilst in-store.
  • Most experienced bloggers are very active on all social media channels as well so this can expand your campaign very quickly to a huge social network. 94% of people who share posts do so because they think it might be helpful to others.
  • Blogging helps increase your overall web traffic as well and can be great for the SEO. Most blogging sites will provide great referral traffic for your site
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 The PMYB Advantage

We are very mindful of your brand and thus create campaigns tailored to your needs. With an experienced team of marketers, we have created successful blogger outreach programs in the past. Like for our client Grad DNA, we engaged with our audience through a variety of mediums also including several prominent bloggers. Doing so, we achieved over 25k downloads in 8 days.

With our extensive network of influencers, we will have bloggers best fit for your product or service. At PMYB, our core company practice is building genuine relationships with influencers and bloggers. We even have a separate brand designed to target and collaborate with them –

As per this study, consumers say smaller communities are more influential than larger ones. Hence, for most effective outreach programs we prefer to reach out to the mid-level bloggers as they have the most engaged audience. Additionally, they have formed strong personal connections with their followers.

Once your campaign is in our hands, you can be assured of great results. We continuously engage with these bloggers throughout campaigns guiding them on the best and well-researched strategies to have the most impact. We provide our bloggers with all material and assets (like images, infographics, banners, etc.) that can help them create awesome content for your program. Our focus is to assist bloggers holistically so that they can inspire their readers to become loyal customers for your brand. We value creativity the most. Therefore we create campaigns that will have an edge over your competitors and deliver a strong ROI.

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How we execute our SEO Blogger Outreach Services

1. Understanding your brand inside out

We take the utmost care to understand your brand and message, as well as to get the pulse of your business. We put effort into discovering your needs so that we can match you with the best bloggers.

2. Concept Creation

After understanding your business and requirements we go on to create multiple powerful concepts. Interesting and innovative methods that get your brand noticed. Sometimes a simple endorsement doesn’t make your brand stand out from the other reviews.

3. Selecting the right bloggers

Handpicking the best bloggers – This is an extremely crucial step for us. Once we have created powerful concepts suiting your brand we pick the best bloggers from our extensive network while keeping in mind their expertise, the demographics of their audience, the amount of engagement their blog posts generate and the kind of content they create.

4. Campaign Execution

When our bloggers publish their content, we monitor everything as per the specifications provided by you and edit accordingly. Once they blog about your business, we track and monitor link clicks and lead demographics, we track audience engagements, we assist our bloggers in responding to queries in a timely and appropriate manner. As well as blogs, this can take place on social media sites such as Facebook and forums.

5. Influencer Marketing Implementation

We can then arrange other influencers and micro influencers to spread your message through word-of-mouth to generate maximum results. We can then amplify these messages on social networks using our bespoke amplification software.

6. Analytics and Reporting

At the end of the campaign, we provide you with detailed reports and analytics of the campaign. With a sharp focus on generating more business for you, we track all the leads generated and harvest them to create loyal customers for your brand.

Ready for your Blogger Outreach Program?

PMYB can create a highly results-driven fully-managed blogger outreach program for your brand. Many SEO blogger outreach services fail to make companies stand out. However, we can assist you doing so. Get in touch here so we can get started on your blogger outreach program.