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Influencer Marketing is now a necessity

Undoubtedly influencer marketing (similarly to WOM Marketing) has made its mark in digital advertising. As you most likely already know, 92% of consumers trust online recommendations and this is why influencers add so much value. As a result, most companies have collaborated with influencers to advance ahead of their competition. Every marketer and company are quickly catching on to the power of influencer marketing campaigns. And our influencer agency team are genuinely bringing in the outstanding results for our clients.

PMYB makes brands STAND OUT!

PMYB focuses on providing our clients with an improved ROI or smashing their KPI’s by translating large genuine, engaged audiences into their consumers. Our young enthusiastic team have already put together some of the most successful influencer marketing campaigns worldwide. We helped electric supplier giants E-ON and a famous UK band publicise their new collaboration, accumulated over 10 million video views in 48 hours for another client and sent a revolutionary graduate app to the top of the Apple app stores. Additionally, we have amplified brands such as Apple and KFC using our Social Amplification service!

Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Everybody knows us for the execution of our powerful concepts, however, we also have deep connections with over 9,500 digital influencers worldwide. We also offer demographically targeted campaigns using high-performing Chromo-Influencers®.

To enquire about creating your own influencer marketing campaigns with PMYB feel free to contact us here.

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E-ON May 2017 Campaign Tweet

A tweet from our E-ON May 2017 Campaign (Featuring @Fdnzr)

 What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing campaigns involve connecting with key individuals on social media (known as influencers) to produce content that promotes or endorses your brand. These key individuals sometimes have as little as 2,000 followers and are considered micro-influencers. On the other hand, others have millions of followers, such as social media stars PewDiePie, Amanda Eliselee, Zoella, Callux or Gabby Epstein. Digital influencers have built strong connections with a large volume of followers or subscribers, therefore have the power to influence millions of your target consumers. Audiences consider influencers experts in their field. As a result, they are able to not only improve your brand awareness significantly but also influence the decisions, thoughts and opinions of consumers.

Primarily, if you are hoping to execute this strategy you must use influencers that are actually influential and relevant. Alongside using the right influencers, an often neglected element in a successful campaign is creativity. Unfortunately, many marketers often want models to simply pose with products. Although this may be okay to do occasionally and can create some traction, creativity will bring the best results! Due to this we really like to focus on producing creative concepts that will deliver a strong ROI or exceed your KPI expectations. For every campaign, we have multiple in-house creative meetings to improve the concepts we develop, as well as ensuring our clients brand image remains intact.

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Fashioninmysoul - Influencer-Marketing (blogger outreach)

Types of Influencers In Our Network

Professional Influencers

People that enjoy life, inspire others and work with brands as a profession. Hence these are the most common form of digital influencers in our network.

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Celebrity Endorsements

Everybody knows the power of celebrity brand association. As a result PMYB likes to collaborate with celebrities and brands in unique ways that cause a lot of traction.

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Micro Influencers

Everyday-people with followings ranging from 2,000 up to around 20,000. Multiple micro influencers creating user-generated content can make for a powerful campaign.

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Youtube Vloggers

YouTube vloggers truly develop dedicated cult-like followings and can really be great ambassadors for your brand. For that reason, we collaborate with hundreds of quality vloggers.

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Digital Bloggers

Audiences actively seek advice from bloggers. Due to this, there is no doubt popular bloggers bare a lot of authority when it comes to influencing consumer decisions, attitudes and actions.

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Social Media Content Creators

Community pages and content creators are very effective for raising awareness in a short span of time. We utilise these types of influencers in our Social Amplification Service.

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Does Influencer Marketing work?

In one word, yes. As mentioned before, 92 percent of people trust recommendations from influencers compared to 33 percent that trust digital ad banners from brands. In addition marketing research experts Nielsen discovered a lot more important information that supports the decision to opt for influencer marketing.

Research companies like Nielsen continue to provide strong support for influencer marketing. As a result, 65 percent of brands opted to increase their influencer marketing budgets. Hundreds of global companies including Microsoft, AbInBev, Universal, Halfords, ASOS, Adidas, Spotify, L’Oreal and Unilever all collaborate with influencers as part of their marketing strategies.

Word of mouth advertising generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising. And that includes branded ads on social media. You can see how we achieved 10 million video views in 48 hours for a client. The creative minds at PMYB put together a strong concept that saw our client achieve a ‘surge in business’ as quoted in a national newspaper.

Benefits of  PMYB Influencer Marketing Campaigns

1. Expand Your Target Audience

As well as broadening your reach, it’s very important to appeal to the correct audience. Due to the extensive research that we do into the target audiences of our influencers, we can perfectly match you with the right audiences. We select influencers based on their audience while also considering your brand image and objectives. The demographics of our influencers audience can be provided in your influencer campaigns.

2. Improve Your Brand Authority

Due to the collaboration and association with our powerful influencers you not only expand your audience reach but you also establish your brand’s authority. By positioning your brand with our influencers, who have strong digital presences, you are able to improve the authority of your brand. Besides users bare a lot of trust in their peers and these digital figures whom they often view as role models.

3. Produce New Valuable Content

The quality, shareable content we create with our influencers can be reused in your own social media pages. Making engaging content that lives forever on search engines is our bread and butter. We also like to provide our clients with user rights to any content produced in our campaigns

4. Execute Creative Concepts

Our role is to identify and shape future trends for your industry through creative concepts. Analysing social media conversation is something we constantly do and this helps assist our creative team into positioning your brand where it needs to be.

5. Enjoy Viral Possibilities

Influencer marketing has the power to turn content viral in a matter of moments. As the content we create is very engaging and out-of-the-ordinary, there is a good chance your content could reach the levels of virality likewise to when we got our client, The Meat Man in 3 national newspapers.

6. Increase Engagements

Every influencer we use generates high volumes of engagements in all of their social media posts. Their followers are genuinely interested and entertained by what they do and when our influencers endorse you, their followers will engage with your brand as a result.

7. Generate New Leads

The sheer power and reach of influencers will undoubtedly allow you improve your lead generation. PMYB can propose a campaign highly-focused on collecting information from consumers that utilises key influencers.

8. Experience the Power Of Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing and influencer marketing go hand in hand. 92% of people trust recommendations, thus the power of using industry leaders is unrivalled.

What brands have an Influencer Marketing Strategy?

As mentioned above L’Oreal have their very own digital influencer marketing strategy. Five UK beauty bloggers were positioned as brand ambassadors for L’Oreal. They even branded them as the ‘beauty squad’ and have much success with the five bloggers.

Alongside the L’Oreal beauty squad, companies using influencers include FanDuel and NBC Universal. Fan Duel, fantasy football app had the aim of driving in-app deposits using influencer posts. They were able to make a 5:1 ROI utilising 18 to 45-year-old US-based male influencers on Twitch, YouTube and Instagram.

Every large company seems to be allocating more of their marketing budgets to fund an influencer strategy.

Are Influencer Marketing Campaigns for you?

Although digital influencers sometimes charge fees that are out of your budget, there are some influencers out there that provide great value for money. These are the influencers you want to use when striving for a high ROI. Nonetheless, your biggest cost in conducting influencer marketing campaigns may be the amount of time required to execute an effective campaign with trusted influencers. This is where PMYB may be of great help to you. You don’t have to worry about finding the right influencers, as we have a strong network of over 9,500 influencers. Nor do you have to worry about going back and forth with these influencers, who are really busy and selective with who they work with. You are provided with a fully-managed campaign that is catered to your budgets and objectives.

PMYB work with companies with big budgets to smaller budgets. As well as targeting global audiences, we can target local consumers. Pom Pom nightclub is an example of a campaign we have done for a local company. Using 47 students from Nottingham we produced a lot commotion on social media in the leading up to their launch in October. The night was a sell-out.

So all in all this method of digital marketing is something all marketers and company owners should think about. Likewise, it works well for companies of all sizes. Social media platforms hold your audience, therefore you should aim to have some form of presence on there with influencers. It’s a great way to position your brand as the market leaders in an innovative fashion.

Pom Pom Nottingham Influencer Marketing Post - Luke Howarth
Pom Pom Nottingham Influencer Marketing Post - Grace
Pom Pom Nottingham Influencer Marketing Post - Jordann

Influencer Marketing is the way forward!

To conclude, it’s safe to say influencer marketing is really making some noise within the marketing world. Undoubtedly, it has become the hot topic in social media marketing. Due to this, influencers are becoming so important for brands. Portraying your message through people is evidently a lot more effective than branded digital banners and other forms of digital marketing. Influencer marketing campaigns have the potential of going viral and can improve your brand awareness tremendously. In addition, the association with digital influencers really helps brands stand out from their competitors and allows their brand identity to shine through.

The creative marketing experts at PMYB are ready to assist you and your company in your next move. Whether you’re rebranding, selling a product, promoting an event, reinforcing ties with your current audience or attempting to reach new consumers, PMYB can fulfil your demands. Get in touch with us here so we can put together your next influencer marketing campaign.

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