Influencer Marketing Video Content – Big Things to Consider

Video content clearly has become the most powerful medium on social media and is especially effective in influencer marketing. It helps influencers tell a story, translate emotions and share new ideas – all in a visual, captivating way. For these reasons, it makes perfect sense to include influencer marketing video content in your influencer marketing strategy. Yes, it can also be more expensive but it can be well worth it.

Having said that, when creating influencer marketing video content you must be careful at the same time. Sure, video content remains a useful marketing tool because it’s so flexible and personal… But that also means there are some decisions to be made. So, before you launch your next influencer video campaign, do consider the following points when creating influencer marketing video content.

influencer marketing video content

1.Live-stream or archived?

Have you considered the option of a live-stream video in your influencer marketing video, instead of the traditional archived video?

Brands and influencers are now creating live influencer marketing video content more and more often. In 2017, new live platforms have been introduced, including with YouTubeInstagram Stories and Facebook Live. But remember that once something happens in a live video, it cannot be undone so be careful and do a lot of planning before going live. Consider whether this approach fits your marketing campaign before you jump on the live-stream bandwagon – archived videos may work better for you after all.

In actual fact, archived videos are still the most common form of influencer marketing video content. Undoubtedly, they are a much safer option for brands. Nonetheless, avoid controversy and consider your influencer partnerships carefully. The last thing you need is a scandal that comes back to haunt you…

2. One-off Post or Brand Ambassador?

What are your plans for your next influencer marketing campaign? Are you producing a one-off sponsored video, or aiming to build a long-standing partnership between you and the influencer? Are you after a one-off win or a brand ambassador? You should know the answer to this question before embarking on video production, as it will affect your customer reach and level of acquisitions.

If the influencer marketing video content is part of a one-off campaign, ensure you round the video off appropriately. After all, you don’t want to leave the viewer with any queries or doubts about your products.

This could be as simple as carefully monitoring what an influencer says about your brand. For example, in a video, influencers should clearly state how and why they the experience with the product – rather than simply mentioning it. This will register to viewers as an actual endorsement for your brand, rather than just a paid advertisement.

Check out this influencer marketing video campaign for Hello Fresh, for a great example of a well-rounded one-off influencer marketing video campaign.

In the contrast to this, your influencer marketing video may be the beginning of a long-term partnership with an influencer. In that case, the video may be part of a series of similar content. You should consider promoting future videos to your viewers in this scenario. Perhaps broadcast an exclusive snippet of the next video to ensure viewers come back for more content.

3. Consider the right platform for our target audience

Sometimes you may want to hit a different part of your target audience on a different platform. Also, sometimes you may want to show a certain side of your brand on a different platform. For example, more meaningful content that needs context should probably not take place on Instagram, where your video length is limited. YouTube or Facebook may be more appropriate in these cases.

So, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram? As you know already, all of these sites are popular video sharing platforms that have hosted the most successful influencer marketing video campaigns. But you should consider which host site fits your brand and campaign best.

Firstly, think about the length of your influencer marketing video. For quick product placements or endorsements that can be squeezed in a 10-second clip, choose Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Facebook also works well for shorter video campaigns. On the other hand, YouTube would make a better host site for longer videos, as there are no restrictions with regard to video length, and viewers are expecting a longer piece of content. 

When deciding on host sites, you should also always keep in mind which influencers you intend to work with – and who their audience is. If you’re aiming to launch a campaign on Instagram Stories, ensure your team up with a top Instagrammer, rather than an influencer who’s better known on a different platform.

See 21 top British Instagrammers here.

4. Plan, plan and plan again

It takes time to build an effective influencer marketing video campaign – perhaps longer than you’d expect. But don’t let that put you off. There’s a lot to be said for slowing down the whole process, and putting in the planning now before you launch a campaign.

Above all, ensure that both the brand and the influencers are on the same page before beginning video production. This could save you both a lot of time and hassle in reshoots at a later stage.

Honestly, whichever way you look at it, the more time and forethought you invest in influencer marketing video content, the more you will get out of it. With that in mind, don’t forget to check out part 2 of this article, for more top tips and things to consider when creating influencer marketing video content.

5. Exciting in-the-moment video content

In-the-moment content compliments live content very much. As it’s a visual medium, occasionally give your viewers an exciting experience with interesting locations, events and scenarios up close.

Consider giving your viewers the chance to watch an exciting event that’s a part of your campaign that they might not usually get to see. It’s a great way to a grab a consumer’s attention, and encourage them to continue watching the duration of your campaign.

Marc Jacobs Beauty tried out this method in a recent influencer marketing campaign. The brand sent influencers – like YouTuber Becca Rose – to see Adele perform at Wembley. The influencers filmed the event and shared the experience with viewers on social media.

More viewers than usual went to the enjoy this video content as it was unique and more in-the-moment – which only expanded the audience reach for Marc Jacobs Beauty. The videos in this campaign boosted their brand awareness tremendously, as the influencers gave the brand plenty of shoutouts and positive endorsements. The video content gave consumers a positive impression of Marc Jacobs, as the brand supplied viewers with unmissable entertainment. This relates to the marketing approach of giving to receive (The gratitude relationship marketing), which top psychologists consider a highly effective strategy.

6. Create exclusive content

To produce entertaining influencer video content, aim to create exclusive content. This means not just producing exciting content – but giving viewers a backstage pass to all the exciting gossip and things that are typically kept private. Give your viewers the insider information they won’t get anywhere else!

This could entail treating viewers to a behind-the-scenes glimpse. For example, last season, TRESemmé invited top beauty influencers to their backstage salon at New York Fashion Week. The influencers were given a chance to meet the hairstylists and check out the catwalk looks.

The influencers then fed back these exclusive beauty tips in sponsored videos, acting as industry insiders. This made for a highly effective influencer video campaign, as the influencers hooked viewers with exclusive content, all whilst backing TRESemmé products and raising the brand’s profile.

7. Create DIY Tutorials with Influencers

How-to and DIY videos are seriously popular on social media. This is largely because tutorials are watchable and easy to follow in a video format. So, you should definitely consider tapping into this form of content when producing video content for your influencer marketing strategy.

Employ popular influencers to feature your products in tutorials. As you know, the influencers’ social media presence will help to bring in the views. Meanwhile, consumers will get to see your product in action and see just how good it really is.

8. Choose the Right Influencers

You’ve heard it again and again but brands are not learning. If you want to really guarantee your campaign’s success, it’s vital you select your influencers carefully.

From a business perspective, it can be tempting to simply work with the influencers who get the highest number of views or engagements on their own video content. But these statistics are often red herrings. In actual fact, it’s not all about numbers. It’s far more important to select influencers who are relevant to your brand and campaign.

Remember, consumers are wanting to be entertained – not sold to. So, your marketing campaign should fit in effortlessly with existing content on the influencer’s channel. Ultimately, this will mean your influencer marketing video content will attract the relevant audience: the consumers who are most likely to invest in your brand. And this will make your influencer marketing strategy effective, leading to commercial success.


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