global fashion brands have an influencer marketing budget
Influencer Marketing Tips
September 28, 2017

Why Almost Every Global Fashion Company Has an Influencer Marketing Budget

You might have heard by now that every successful global fashion brand has an influencer marketing budget. In fact, top fashion brands are investing more and more into influencer marketing…
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Global Beauty YouTubers
Influencer Marketing Tips
September 19, 2017

Top 46 global beauty YouTubers for your brand!

PMYB Network - The World's Biggest Beauty YouTubers Beauty YouTubers talk all things makeup, skincare and cosmetics for a living - and viewers love them for it! They run some…
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Influencer Marketing Tips
September 14, 2017

How to Overcome Brand Challenges in Influencer Marketing

We have seen many firms succeed exceptionally well with influencer marketing. Some of our clients have reported spectacular success. DRÂRE Clothing, for instance, achieved an ROI of 920%.  That’s £9.20…
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Influencer Marketing Tips
September 7, 2017

Why Brands See Success with an Influencer Strategy

As the internet has matured, it has become clear to brands that they need to be part of the online conversation. Everybody understands the need to target consumers on social media.…
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Influencer CampaignsInfluencer Marketing Tips
September 4, 2017

The Benefits of Taking Risks with Influencer Marketing Ads

In our recent compilation of 50 Influencer Marketing Stats and Facts, we saw how businesses, as a whole, benefit greatly from influencer marketing ads. Recent research has found that 28%…
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Disney has clear company values
Influencer Marketing Tips
July 31, 2017

The Importance of Matching Your Influencers with Your Company Values

Although the benefits of influencer marketing are huge, there are things you need to be aware of. With every influencer campaign, you must be careful, as with any other form…
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21 british influencers - uk instagrammers
Influencer Marketing Tips
July 19, 2017

21 British Influencers For Your Instagram Campaign

The Top 21 British Influencers On Instagram Instagram continues to play a key role in influencer marketing. A growing number of British influencers are contributing to the development of countless…
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group of social influencers
Influencer Marketing TipsPsychology in Advertising
July 11, 2017

Social Influencers: The Psychology Behind Great Influencer Marketing

Social Influencers Consumers spend a lifetime checking their Facebook, watching videos on YouTube and scrolling down their Twitter timeline. It's no wonder social influencers are rapidly becoming an important component…
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