The Older Generation

Influencer Marketing is increasingly becoming the go-to method for targeting millennials. This has proven to be a very effective way of engaging a younger audience. The trust and familiarity they have with social influencers extends into advertising endorsements and can make for a very successful marketing campaign. But statistics have shown that millennials may not be the most addicted to social media. What about the older generation of users? Is it worth targeting the mature audience on social media? And if so how should you go about it?


1. Choose the right social platform

Research has shown that 71% of adults who are digitally active also have a Facebook account. Usage among seniors continues to further increase. 73% of adults aged 30 – 49, 63% of adults aged 50 – 64 and 56% of people 65 and older all use Facebook. This won’t come as a surprise to most – we’ve all had older family members who have unintentionally embarrassed you on Facebook. It happens to the best of us!

Because of the favouring of Facebook among older people, when our clients are aiming to target the older generation, we at PMYB like to particularly focus on the social platform. PMYB has a deep network of over 9,500 influencers that includes hundreds of older adults, families and parents across the world. You can get in touch with us here to feature the perfect influencers in your next campaign. We cover all major social media platforms including blogs.

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Likewise, Instagram’s audience has become increasingly diverse. Older users are becoming more comfortable with the photography platform. Interestingly,  groups aged 65 – 74 and those 45 – 54 are significantly the most likely to search a product after viewing it on Instagram. Although the older generation may make up a smaller percentage of the total users, it shows just how receptive they can be to particular forms of influencer marketing.


2. Find the best influencer

Obvious you say? Perhaps, perhaps not. The effectiveness of an influencer campaign relies heavily on how well the individual is received by the target audience. The older demographic are generally less likely to follow social media personalities – however, there are a small portion social media personalities that the older generation do follow, and you need to work hard to find that smaller crop of influencers.

And when you do find that crop of influencers, you need to then do your own due diligence to discover whether that influencer is likely to be ‘influential’. Some influencers often come across as bearing social authority, despite not having it.

And that is why we have developed our unique method of distinguishing which influencers are likely to convert new customers.


3. Refine, but do not over-simplify

The data immediately available to marketers can help a business understand their customers better than ever before. Take it further than generally targeting the older generation – this age group can be refined further. Think about where they may be in their purchasing journey and adjust content and partnerships accordingly.

elderly man taking photo - Older generation

Influencer marketing goes further than targeting millennials. Brands can use it to target the less saturated older demographic. Campaigns driven by data, measurement and analysis reach a relatively untouched demographic – one that has been proven to be very receptive to certain forms of digital marketing.


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