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Everybody knows influencer marketing is powerful. And influencer marketing is our passion. While utilising our strong network of over 9,500 powerful influencers, celebrities, geo-targeted PMYB Chromo-Influencers®, micro-influencers, bloggers, vloggers and content creators, our influencer marketing experts can deliver your brand directly to millions of your target audience in an innovative fashion. Get in touch here.

In addition, our in-house influencer marketing experts analyse data surrounding your brand so they can create powerful content on the right platforms and ensure an improved ROI. We fully manage and effectively execute our influencer campaigns, to deliver results that are not possible with traditional digital advertising methods.

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How we do it with our marketing experts

Marketing experts | PMYB

Research and Analysis

Conversations surrounding your brand are analysed with our advanced social media listening analytics software.

Therefore data is utilised to create powerful concepts that impact your target market in the right way. As a result we can achieve the objectives in your campaign and exceed your KPIs.

Marketing experts | PMYB

Relevant Influencers Matched

Your brand is matched with our most relevant social media influencers in your industry.  Also there is always a big focus on maintaining brand image!

We carefully guide these influencers to communicate your brand’s message, letting their personality shine through in an authentic and honest way.

Influencer Marketing experts | PMYB

Viral Concept Creation

Working closely with our digital influencers we can produce beautiful and inspiring content, and therefore elevate your brand.

Our strong expertise in working with influencers, as well as in idea creation is what sets is apart. Also creating powerful narratives and positive press with mass appeal is our forte.

92% of consumers trust recommendations. 33% trust branded ads.

Celebrities to PMYB Chromo-Influencers®

We use our strong networks of over 6,000 influencers, bloggers and vloggers to impact millions of brands target audiences.

Geo-Targeted Campaigns

We deliver personalised campaigns catered to the target audience, image and objectives of brands, using demographically targeted influencers.

Creative Application

Creating and distributing powerful content that makes a powerful impact on your target audience so we can exceed your KPIs.

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