One of the best ways to learn more about influencer marketing is to attend a conference. At the moment there few specialist influencer marketing conferences announced for the remainder of this year, but there are a variety of social media and content marketing conferences planned which will include an influencer marketing section.

There were several stand-alone influencer marketing conferences in 2017, for instance, the Influencer Marketing Hub Conference in London last November and the Influencer Marketing Days Conference in New York last September. It is possible that both these influencer marketing conferences may yet return later this year or in 2019.

If you are in Canada, however, you still have the opportunity to book for the 2018 Influence This conference in May.

Although most of the conferences we cover here may not be specialist influencer marketing conferences, they will all be of benefit if you want to learn more about the influencer marketing industry. Often the best feature of influencer marketing conferences and indeed more general social network conferences is that they provide opportunities for influencers, brands, content creators, and others to mix and mingle. Although most of the conferences have a marketing focus, a few of them, such as BeautyCon and Gamescom, bring together people interested in a particular niche – including consumers.


1.      BeautyCon Festivals

April 21-22 – New York
July 14-15 – Los Angeles
Nov 17 – London

The BeautyCon Festivals are ideal for anybody in the beauty sector wanting to participate in influencer marketing. If you buy either the Social or All Access Package, you receive exclusive access to a Social Lounge where you can meet up with influencers and celebrities of the beauty world.

BeautyCon provides an excellent opportunity for influencers and brand representatives to meet, talk, and build relationships.

Of course, with the BeautyCon festivals open to all, they are a “must go” place for any beauty brand. Not only can you meet up with the industry influencers, but you will also be visible to thousands of potential customers.

2.      Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

Sept 4-7 – Cleveland

Each year Content Marketing World sponsors a significant conference and expo showcasing all the worlds of content marketing. CMWorld 2018 aims to provide opportunities for brands to network with some of the world’s most successful content marketers. A number of these will also be influencer marketers.

This is a significant conference; 3,600 marketers registered for the 2017 event.

Some influencer marketing related items on the agenda include:

  1. How to Think Like an Analyst (and Generate Influence Like One Too)
  2. How to: 0 to 1 million LinkedIn video Views in 6 Months
  3. Why Now is the Right Time to Get Your Influencer Marketing Strategy Right

3.      Corporate Social Media Summit

October 24-25 – New York

It is still early days for this year’s Corporate Social Media Summit, and they have yet to release their 2018 agenda and complete speaker’s list. But judging by last years’ conference, they will have many relevant seminars for all types of social media marketing, including influencer marketing.

The Corporate Social Media Summit is being hosted by the Brand Marketing Summit. The key areas of focus in 2018 will be:

  • Personalisation
  • Integration
  • Scalability
  • Customer Understanding
  • Captivation

Most of the speakers come from big brands – people who work with media and marketing on a daily basis.

4.      Gamescom

August 21 – 25 – Cologne, Germany

Gamescom is a leading European trade fair. Last year 335,000 gaming fans attended, and 919 companies from 50 countries had representatives present.

It is an excellent place for any business connected with gaming to network, meet up with top gamers/influencers, and to see the faces behind the top Twitch and YouTube gaming channels.

Gamescom claims to be the top communications platform for exhibitors and the place to be for all gaming fans. It allows visitors to book face-to-face meetings with other attendees.

5.      Influence This

May 15 – Toronto

Influence This is Canada’s premier influencer marketing conference, targeting marketers, agencies, publishers, media & advertising technologies, and creators.

The day will be full of insightful conference session, labs and workshops, although they have yet to publish a detailed agenda. For many participants, though, the highlight of the day will be the networking opportunities offered.

Influence This will finish with the Vidcon Connect Creator Meet Up in the evening. This provides an opportunity for participants to mix and mingle with many of Canada’s best known social media stars – Canada’s influencers

6.      Playlist Live

April 27-29 – Orlando, Florida
To be confirmed – Washington D.C.

Playlist Live is a three-day event that provides opportunities for online creators and their supporters to meet. The first day is Business Day, and then Playlist Live opens up to the public on the remaining days.

They consider themselves to be the largest creator event.

The heart of Playlist Live is the meetups between social media influencers/content creators, businesses, and fans.

The Friday session is of particular value to businesses. There will be panels and discussion on the Friday by both famous creators and industry professionals for those who buy the Business Pass.

7.      Social Day

May 30 – Jun 1 – London

The Social Day Social Media Marketing Festival targets marketers and business owners. The focus is as much on providing opportunities for networking and in delivering exciting and informative sessions. Visitors to Social Day tend to be a mixture of agencies, brands, business owners, influencers, freelancers and content creators.

Social Day aims to provide something for everybody connected with social media marketing (including influencer marketing). One of the workshops on the Practical Stage focuses on influencer marketing, and many others target specific social networks.  Influencer Marketing is also one of the leading focal points of activities on the main stage on the last day.

8.      The Social Shake-Up

May 7-9 – Atlanta

The Social Shake-Up describes itself as a premier social media conference that overthrows the status quo and redefines what social media can do for your business and brand.

The conference includes speakers from the most significant social networks, along with major brands such as Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and Coca-Cola.

It aims to help digital, social, marketing, PR and communications professionals find new and innovative ways a business can integrate social media into its business strategy. The agenda includes many sessions on how brands can best use social, including interesting looking panel discussions on:

  • Under the Influence: Activating Macro and Micro Influencers for Maximum Effect, and
  • Influencer Roundtable: How to Win Fans & Become an Impact Brand

9. Vidcon

May 15 – Toronto, Canada
Jun 20-23 – Anaheim, California
Sep 1-2 – Melbourne, Australia

Vidcon Conferences operate at a variety of venues around the world each year. The first was held in Anaheim in 2010. They began as a place where people who meet first on the internet can connect in real life. As its name suggests, there is a focus on online video.

Vidcon is built around three tracks, ensuring that everybody will find something to interest them:

  1. The Community Track – for fans who come to Vidcon to have a good time
  2. The Creator Track – for video makers who enjoy making content (or who want to learn how to improve their skills)
  3. The Industry Track – for corporations, brands, and technology companies who wish to use video online (either for their own site or for influencers to use on their behalf)

The Industry Track is ideal for any creators, influencers, marketers, or business owners wanting to participate in influencer marketing. Top digital leaders share strategies for success, and senior executives from leading video platforms present and answer questions.

VidCon covers Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and video, along with YouTube. The upcoming Anaheim conference has even scheduled a session on How to Spot Fake Influencers.

The Toronto Vidcon ties in with this year’s Influence This conference on the same day.


The Pros and Cons of Sending Representatives to Influencer Marketing Conferences

Rand Fishkin, Founder and former CEO of Moz once provided a case for and against attending marketing conferences.  He summarised his finding succinctly:

Cons of Sending a Team Member to an Event

  • Lost productivity
  • Cost of tickets
  • Cost of travel and lodging
  • The potential loss of an employee through recruitment or networking

Pros of Sending a Team Member to an Event

  • Personal growth development including new skills, unique ideas, a catalyst for experimentation, new relationships built, and more
  • Applicable tactics and strategies, including new tools/processes, resources for advancing skills, actionable ideas, bigger-picture concepts, and access to people and organizations who can help
  • Extension of organizational brand/network including brand exposure, contacts at other companies, potential media contacts, and a direct introduction point to people like speakers and influencers


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