Influencer Snapchat Stories vs Influencer Instagram Stories

In late 2011 Snapchat introduced the world to the concept of short-term social media stories which would vanish after 24 hours. Yes, we can’t believe Snapchat has been around for 7 years already too.  The simple but revolutionary idea became popular with Generation Z, but as we recently reported, influencers are now sidestepping the Snapchat platform. One of the main reasons for this, of course, is that Instagram introduced an alternative – Instagram Stories. It has not taken long for everybody, including us at PMYB to discover that influencer Instagram Stories are effective in increasing the ROI of brands. And that’s why we tend to insist to our clients that we should utilise them in most of the campaigns we run on Instagram.

While Snapchat has kept its popularity with the young, it has never attracted such levels of support from people aged over 30. In comparison, Instagram’s growth has been spectacular. When Facebook bought the network in 2012, Instagram had 30 million users. It can now claim 800 million monthly active users on its platform – 500 million of whom use it daily.

The introduction of Instagram Stories in August 2016, provided a new way for people and brands to tell their story using Instagram’s visual platform. It also gave opportunities for influencers to narrate a story to their followers. Influencers that utilise Instagram Stories are able to deliver powerful messages to their audiences. Within 18 months of its introduction, Instagram Stories reached 300 million daily average users. It only took six months for the daily usage of Instagram Stories to exceed that of Snapchat. And the dominance of the Instagram Story continues as Snapchat support plateaus.


Infographic: Instagram Stories Blows Past Snapchat | Statista


What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are a series of photos or short videos (up to 10 seconds each) that are displayed in a chronological sequence. Once somebody begins their Instagram Story, they can continue to add additional images. However, the entire story only lasts online for one day and then vanishes 24 hours after you create it.

This allows a brand to visually tell its story to potential customers, through a mixture of eye-catching pictures and video clips. Just like most stories in the general news, an Instagram Story tells its tale today and is gone tomorrow.

Crucially, Instagram Stories appear separate from Instagrammers’ main timeline. This means that influencers can tell your story without having to interrupt their timelines. In our experience, many influencers are more enthusiastic about creating Instagram Stories rather than Instagram Posts for this very reason.

Instagram Stories may also be more appealing to you because consumers are sometimes more likely to see an Instagram Story. Instagram’s constant algorithm changes have resulted in certain influencers’ posts to not be seen as much as they once were.

swipe up on influencer Instagram stories


The Magic of the Swipe-Up

One of the most significant difficulties caused by marketers on Instagram is that usually, the only place that you can position a clickable link is in your profile page. As a result, influencers have had to find clever ways to get around this limitation. A common tactic influencers use is to type the phrase “link in profile” as a caption to their Instagram posts.

Because of this shortcoming, influencer Instagram Stories have really revolutionised the platform. Influencers can include a link in their story that leads to a landing page or other webpage. In fact, you can do that yourself if your business Instagram account has more than 10,000 followers.

Utilising the swipe-up feature you can now drive high volumes of traffic to your website landing page. At PMYB, we recently delivered over 13,000 targeted clicks for a leading UK online fashion retailer with Instagram Stories. The swipe-feature enabled us to deliver an immediate ROI, driving a high volume of immediate sales, as well as over 200 new paying customers.


Instagram Stories Enable you to Create Effective Narratives

As you most likely know, storytelling helps to strike meaningful traction from potential customers. It can also increase brand loyalty. This is also true in a visual medium, such as Instagram. And when influencers paint the stories of brands to their followers, they are able to easily create new advocates for your brand.

Yes, books, tv shows and movies all tell stories. But an Instagram Story tells its own tale, using a mix of still images and short video clips.

As a marketer, it’s almost a duty for us to recognise that storytelling helps us to educate our target audiences on our products or services. It also helps us to form emotional connections between the brand (via the influencer) and the audience.

Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio identified seven key elements to visual storytelling in their book,  The Power of Visual Storytelling:

  1. Design
  2. Personalization
  3. Usefulness
  4. Personality
  5. Storytelling
  6. Share-worthiness
  7. Real-time amplification

Influencer Instagram Stories provides ample opportunities for a brand and an influencer to work together, using all seven elements, to execute a highly compelling narrative for the brand.


Influencer Instagram Stories are Highly Measurable and Effective

Two core elements of an influencer marketing campaign are that it be measurable and effective. In the past, there were difficulties measuring the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns, due to a lack of understanding of how influencer marketing works.

4 Metrics you can Measure

  1. Impressions (How many times your Instagram Story slides have been watched)
  2. Swipe-Ups (How many times viewers have swiped-up to your landing page/app etc.)
  3. Forward Taps (How many times a viewer tapped the right side of the screen to go on to the next story slide.)
  4. Backwords Taps (How many times a viewer tapped the left side of the screen to rewatch a previous story slide.)

As you can see, Instagram Stories are very measurable. Not to mention, effective. They can also be so simple to implement in your influencer campaign. We get our influencers to publish a related series of images and/or videos relating to the campaign of our clients. We ensure the content is delivered it in such a way that it achieves your set goals.

For example, if your goal is to draw people to a particular landing page, your influencer can incorporate that into the story, with an appropriate call-to-action to encourage his/her followers to swipe-up to your landing page URL. You can then easily see how many visitors have come to your website as a result of the Instagram Story swipe-up slide.

So all in all, what’s our reason for using them? We utilise Instagram Stories to effectively achieve conversions, stay at the top of our clients’ audiences’ minds and communicate the campaign message to their target markets with a current and direct approach.

Instagram Paid Partnerships - Instagram Paid Partnership Feature


Instagram Story Takeovers are Excellent for Special Events

With Instagram Stories vanishing after 24 hours, they are a perfect medium for telling a story in real-time. Your influencers can report on your event as it happens, creating real-time videos on their stories to keep the excitement and anticipation going.

You could then repurpose the material the influencers shared.

At PMYB, we take advantage of Instagram Story Takeovers. This involves us enabling influencers to take over their Instagram Stories of our clients. This can be highly effective, increasing viewership, building your brand and improving your ROI. Your existing Instagram followers gain access to a quality Instagram Story and the influencer is likely to attract a high volume of their own audience to follow your page. Depending on your brand’s popularity it can represent a win-win situation. The influencer gains official brand recognition – your brand gains from the influencer’s reputation and extensive, engaged following.


Brands utilising Instagram Story Takeovers

Many fashion brands, including PrettyLittleThing and boohooMAN, utilise Instagram Story Takeovers regularly to continually build their own brand. They get popular social media influencers relevant to their brand to take over their Instagram Stories to achieve their KPI goals, and it works. And this is something we’re a real advocate of at PMYB. Granted, it means you have to give your influencers a level of creative freedom so that the endorsement comes across natural. If your Instagram Story Takeover is forced then you’re just doing damage to your brand.

US designers from the NY Fashion Week also found that partnering with influencers such as Aimee Song and Chriselle Lim allowed them to benefit from Instagram Stories. Followers were able to link directly to their fashion shops from the Instagram Stories. This clearly helps make buying the latest look easier for fashion lovers, leading to an improved ROI for the fashion brands.

Influencer Instagram Stories can be perfect for promoting events like a one-day sale, festival or product launch.


Use Influencer Instagram Stories to Build your Brand

So, it’s pretty clear Instagram Stories are helping companies to build their brand. At PMYB we’ve experienced the benefits of influencer Instagram Stories ourselves. Not only do they build brand awareness and increase engagement, when conducted well, you can use them to immediately increase your sales. Swipe-ups offer very direct ways of driving customers to your website or app.

We hope you’ve made up your mind in regards to your next step in your next influencer marketing campaign. We recommend that you utilise this platform today before it’s gone tomorrow (we had to throw in at least one pun).

I’m pretty sure we have opened your eyes to the possibilities of utilsing Instagram Stories in your influencer campaigns. If you’re already using them, I’m sure we’ve reinforced that opinion!


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