An Influencer Marketing Hurdle

Because the best and most high-performing social media influencers receive persistent offers from brands, you, as a person (not your company) have to really stand-out. Additionally, when you finally do end up collaborating with the big names, you can end up receiving a lack-luster performance because many influencers simply are only interested in the financial benefit. So we’ve written this article to educate you on how to jump the hurdle. You need to influence your influencers so they can perform to a high level.

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Create Genuine Relationships with Social Media Influencers

Every blogger and marketer, including us, have stressed the importance of forming genuine relationships with influencers. Undoubtedly, doing so remains an important part of influencer marketing. Whether you’re working with influencers directly yourself or collaborating with an agency that is doing so for you. Both yourself and the agency need to certainly put time into forming these partnerships with influencers.


But… Relationships aren’t enough!

Yes, it’s a great start to have relationships with your most high-performing influencers. However, in order to generate a high ROI, you must ensure that you inspire your social media influencers. Doing so you will get the best out of your influencers. At the end of the day, they know their audience more than anyone else and are the key to your earning potential… So the more interested they are in what they’re promoting, the more effort they will put in. We will outline various strategic methods you can apply when it comes to motivating your influencers.

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Methods of motivating social media influencers


Reveal the Secrets

Put them in the know. Be as transparent as possible with your influencers. Maybe it’s knowledge about the product or brand that others don’t know. Maybe it’s how you came to selecting the product. Reveal parts of the story behind the product, your brand or company that the general public doesn’t know. They may be inspired to tell others about the secret without you having to ask. After all, when someone tells you to keep something a secret, the human mind automatically makes you want to tell someone.

Part of the Team

You should both have the same intentions. If the social media influencer doesn’t care about you, your company or your product, you won’t do as well as you can. The influencer must genuinely like you and the product to go out of their way and make the campaign a success. So do make them feel a part of your company – If you need to, give them a title and make them into a brand ambassador. Do unique things that will make them feel special and a part of the process.


Future Paid Work

By promising the potential of future campaigns, you can give them the incentive to put their utmost effort into ensuring your brand does well. At the end of the day if your company earns a good return of the influencers you use, your definitely going to be interested in reusing them. And that is something we at PMYB, like to do when dealing with our influencers – as it simply works.


Unexpected Materialistic Incentives

You will probably already be paying your influencer, so what does it hurt giving them a 10% bonus that they didn’t expect. It’s going to come as a very pleasant surprise to them and they will look forward to working with you again in the future. They will make time for you in their busy schedules. Also, what’s wrong with sending them a gift every now and then as a thank you?


Successful Influencer Marketing

So, simply put. You will get more out of your influencers if they are motivated to endorse your brand. Likewise, if they feel part of the process through the way you incentive them. Also, if influencers want to do something for you, they will put in more effort. Making social media influencers feel apart of the process and in-the-know brings in unrivaled results!


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