Evidently, Influencers attract a lot of attention. But it’s not always for the right reasons. Studies have found that most people are naturally drawn towards negative stories, as opposed to positive ones. However, this can sometimes distract us from the benefits and positive aspects of life – in this case, the positive impact that influencers can have.

Much of the time, lights are shone on issues surrounding Influencer marketing – Popular topics include Influencer fraud, the lack of ad disclosure and Fyre Festival. However, Influencers are not only revitalising the marketing industry, but they’re also empowering communities and helping raise the awareness of important issues in societies. For example, more and more people now recognise the importance of physical and mental health thanks to the positive messages that are being spread by influencers.

Instagrammer, Humna Raza provides living proof of another example where an Influencer has made a positive impact. Not long ago, she used her social media influence to help save a life. We thought this was very commendable, therefore, we wanted to shed some more light on what she did.

Humna Raza, Instagram Influencer

Who Is Humna Raza?

Humna Raza is a 23-year-old Pakistani influencer, with over 196,000 Instagram followers. Unusually for an influencer, her main offline role is as a dentist. According to her Instagram profile, she is “Managing between a home, marriage, business, dental surgery and a blog. Sharing what I know with you!” She runs a self-titled website, where she shares posts with motivational messages including, ‘Things that help me have a BETTER day’, ‘Things I do to stay positive and the spiral I go down every few months,’ and ‘Things I do to De-stress!’. Humna also shares vlogs once per week via her Snapchat and YouTube channels. She calls most of her social accounts ‘Positive Vibes Only’ and strongly emphasises social good in her posts.

Humna uses the custom hashtags #positivevibesonly and #smallthingsthatmatter as these are the main topics of her blog posts. Before long, she discovered that she had so many fans listening to her and telling her how her messages helped them.

Humna Asked her Followers for Help

Not long ago, Humna Raza took a different approach with one of her Instagram posts. She explained how a patient at a hospital where she worked had been shot in the neck and she was helping to save the patient’s life.

The patient had been shot while she was trying to intervene in an argument between family members. The shot caused a huge amount of damage to the woman’s neck, and the two operations the medical staff had already attempted had failed.

Unfortunately, the woman’s family were not rich. With each night in hospital costing PKR15,000, along with added costs relating to the surgeries, the financial burden was too much for the family.

Humna explained to her followers that she and her colleagues were doing all they could to help the woman, but because of the family’s impossible financial burden, they needed more help.

Humna Raza’s Followers Raised Two and a Half Lakh Rupees in Two Days

Humna’s appeal for the social good to her followers got an excellent response. She initially asked her followers for four lakh rupees (£2,185). In just two days she was more than halfway to her goal, with her followers promising two and a half lakh rupees (£1,365).

Humna clearly showed her power as an influencer, with her followers only taking a week to reach the entire four lakh rupees goal. Her followers obviously respect Humna and those who could afford to contribute felt it a worthwhile cause for them to donate.

The Power of Genuine Influencers

Humna Raza demonstrates the true power of influencers and how they can really make a big difference. Humna’s followers clearly admire her and take note of the posts she makes. She was able to make them act in a precious situation.

Humna is not a global celebrity and her 196,000+ Instagram followers may make her a mid-tier influencer on that platform, however, she has built a large, engaged following in the personal development and social good field. Humna’s attracted avid, loyal fans, who really take note of any messages she shares. She comes across as authentic and her posts are usually heartfelt.

Human Raza, Instagram Influencer

Humna attended the Global Disability Summit in June 2018 and shared details of the event on her Instagram account, including the stories of several disabled people that she was emotionally touched by. She wrote on Instagram, “Sharing stories of people I personally interact with and sharing experiences I witness first-hand is what makes blogging so meaningful and close to my heart.”

Humna Raza’s Paid Influencer Posts

Despite her love for helping people, Humna happily shares sponsored posts with her followers, if she feels that the brand is a morally good fit for her. For example, she recently took part in a @nokiamobilemena trip to Dubai. Naturally, she shared posts highlighting positive parts of the region, whilst featuring her Nokia mobile.

It is notable from her followers’ comments that they took great interest in these posts, despite the #ad tags.


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Our trip with @nokiamobilemena was more than just a getaway. It was full of meaningful memories because there were so many firsts. It was the first time I got to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and got to know them properly. This was the first time I hugged a camel – I realised how incredibly sweet Leela was 🐪💜. It was the first time I took a sea plane and saw Dubai from above, the first time I tried calligraphy and learned the basics, the first time being in the middle of a rain installation and the first time in a water taxi with beautiful views. I don’t travel a lot but this time I understood something new – I understood that traveling doesn’t just reveal the world to us but also helps us reach undiscovered parts of ourselves. I mean if we don’t get enough experiences, how do we know how we feel about them? On this particular trip I discovered how these firsts made me feel, what I love and what I don’t, what I am capable and not capable of, and most importantly I realised that there are sides to us that only new places, new experiences and new people bring. Travelling isn’t just discovery, but self discovery and for me, that is truly THE best part about travelling – knowing not just about the world, but knowing myself! ❤️ #selfawareness #selfdiscovery #travel #dxb #mynokiamobile #nokiemobilemoment #nokia6plus #ad #dubai #bloglife

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Some Influencers are Clearly Helping the World

All Humna’s posts, paid and organic, focus on positivity and improving your life. Her positive outlook and kindness were especially important to one hospital patient. Baring in mind the positive things that she and many influencers across the world are doing, you have to take a different perspective on influencers and the impact they’re having on society. Much of the time, the big stories revolve around industry problems or negative things that influencers are doing. Despite this, many influencers are using their following for good on a daily basis. But you can bet that you want to see many of these stories make the trending news. We hope you enjoyed this one.


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