Paid social is certainly an effective way to drive app downloads. However, high calibre influencers and the right strategy can empower you to drive higher volumes of meaningful downloads. Complimenting your paid social strategy and your influencer marketing strategy can work wonders in 2019.

The Trend Towards Using Mobile Apps

Last year was a milestone year for the digital marketplace. The upcoming summer will be the 11th anniversary of the birth of the mobile app store.


Statista predicted that total app downloads will increase to 352.9 billion by 2021. This compares to 149.3 billion downloads in 2016.

When the Apple App Store launched over a decade ago, it had only 500 apps available. By January 2017 that number had risen to 2.2 million. Statista has June 2017 figures available for Google Play (formerly the Android App Store), showing that they now had 3 million apps in their store.

It is obvious you can’t engage in hope marketing when you publish apps. You are in a highly competitive market and need all of your marketing nous to make your app stand out from the many others.

Why Chromo-Influencers™ Are Empowering Brands to Drive App Downloads

Today’s influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and the other social channels have large dedicated followings. Their platforms are busy, drive high engagement and there is a genuine buzz about everything they do online.

They are highly respected by their followers and have the ability to cause a surge in app downloads. One mention by these online gaming superstars can be enough to drive your app to the top of the download charts.

Influencer marketing is not just relevant to the gaming sector, either. Thousands of brands enjoy the power of influencers and their ability to drive app downloads. They can help you to increase the visibility of your app and clearly distinguish it from your competitors.

The reason we refer to these people as influencers if because they have enough clout to impact behaviours and attitudes. They’re the new leaders of this generation. People trust them, like them and value what they have to say, as well as what they decide to promote.

Traditional Advertising Drive Less App Downloads

While the cheapest form of marketing is to sit back and do nothing, it is also the least effective. The old saying “make it and they will come” is a fallacy. Page 125 of Google Play is a lonely place for your app to languish.

You might find a cheap deal in traditional advertising, perhaps for a small ad in the newspaper or a magazine. But these forms of media are less impactful and particularly difficult to measure ROI. And that’s why everyone focuses on digital.

Influencer Marketing is Becoming the Go-To for Driving App Downloads

Influencer marketing, though, can generate rapid returns. With regards to influencers driving app downloads, we’ve personally witnessed incredible results across numerous industries.

As the influencer marketing industry has matured, we’ve encountered a tremendous influx of brands opting influencers. And most app-based companies now have a set budget for influencers each month.

Though, still, one of the most difficult challenges for brands is selecting the right influencers. And it is one of the reasons leading B2C brands are turning to influencer marketing agencies like PMYB.

The Key is Matching Your Influencers’ Audiences with Your App’s Target Market

The most successful influencer campaigns have helped drive app downloads to unprecedented levels. But for it to work, there must be congruence between the influencer’s followers and the type of people who would download your app.

For instance, PewDiePie has spent years as the most subscribed YouTuber. But he is controversial. He speaks his mind. He swears in his videos. Perhaps most damning, PewDiePie has been castigated for being racist in his posts. He would not make a suitable influencer for your app download unless you’re also targeting politically incorrect consumers.

How startup, Grad DNA found Success in Influencer Marketing

influencers drive app downloads for Grad DNA

Grad DNA was one of our very first clients at PMYB. It was one of the first times, both us and Grad DNA discovered the power of influencer marketing. We were able to increase their app downloads dramatically.

What is Grad DNA?

Grad DNA is a revolutionary mobile app that helps University graduates to find their ideal graduate jobs. Job seekers take psychometric tests on the app and are eventually matched with relevant jobs, based on their performance in the tests. Employers also take note of the candidate performances and offer interviews based on the results.

What we Achieved for Grad DNA

Grad DNA wanted to raise the awareness of their app and increase their download count.

Grad DNA’s investment in influencer marketing more than met their target. In fact, we exceeded it significantly, leading to over 25,000 app downloads in the space of a week.

Recent App Download Successes

More recently, PMYB has worked with the likes of TikTok (formally known as, the world’s most valuable startup. You can see how we drove 60,000 consumers to their app with 8 powerful Chromo-Influencers here.

Other Case Where Influencers Have Promoted App Downloads

Many other businesses have used influencer marketing as a successful tool to drive app downloads. Sometimes these are companies who are best known for other products and services.

Avis, for instance, is best known for renting cars. But they now provide a mobile app to help with the rental process. Avis USA worked with influencers in relevant industries to increase mobile app downloads.

The influencers made 25 Instagram posts and wrote three blog posts about the Avis app. This resulted in 97,200 engagements and a ‘significant increase in app downloads’.

Over the past year, there has been a surge in influencer marketing campaigns involving the advent of cashless payment and digital wallet apps. Some of the competing apps include Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Singtel Dash. This led to the “No Wallet Challenge”, where influencers surrender their wallets and go through a series of tasks using a particular app.

One of these was the #CelebrateWithSORTED campaign, where Android Pay worked with SortedFood. Their challenge was to travel and purchase ingredients to cook for an event, using only AndroidPay when buying the ingredients. They made five videos highlighting the team purchasing the food and catering for the events.

SortedFood generated about 250,000 views per video. This led to many more people learning about the advantages of Android Pay.

Using Chromo-Influencers™ Will Make Your App Stand Out

Currently, there is no better way to generate meaningful app downloads than influencer marketing. Users that download as a result of influencer content, are more likely to grow an affinity with your app.


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